About Us

We are a group of people who have been victimised by the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams in some way. Most of us prefer to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons. We have joined together to help expose the reprehensible and criminal behaviour of Jeromie Williams, in the hope that he will not be able to victimise anyone else.

For the record, here are various lies he has told about us, with our comments and corrections:

We have responded to these lies in the post “WordPress Dismisses Drama Llama Complaints.”

This is ridiculous psychological projection from a criminal who actually does have a long history of attacking children and inciting death threats against innocent people, among other things.

Many, many victims of Jeromie Williams actively contribute to this blog on a regular basis.

Topher Mackenzie and William Thielen were never administrators of any Facebook page owned by Jeromie Williams at any time, ever. We were never co-administrators with him on any page anywhere, at any time, ever. This is simply a lie. However, Kim Johnston was one of his junior administrators, and she is no longer associated with us. Some of Topher’s actual reasons for “banding together” with the other victims of Jeromie Williams are, in fact, clearly explained in the post “An Open Letter on Jeromie Williams.”

And once again, there is more psychological projection from a criminal who actually does have a long history of stalking. On the other hand, as we have explained so many times, there is a huge difference between stalking and commenting on matters of public importance, or exposing serious criminal activities.

Jeromie Williams is, indeed, the subject of police complaints and investigations that are now too numerous for us to list here.

We did not “doctor” the YouTube videos of Jeromie’s threatening voicemail and telephone rants, which we encourage everyone to listen to for themselves.

A retired private investigator, who was disgusted with Jeromie’s behaviour in the Nathan Kotylak case, has assisted our group on a few occasions.

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