Administator Sets Record Straight

As Topher Mackenzie has explained, this blog has been restored in order to refute false allegations made against us in a WordPress forum.

On Wednesday, one of our editors deleted all the articles on the blog. Another editor, after finding them deleted, published them again. Later the (now ex) editor and the administrator agreed that only information on her would be deleted. On Thursday, this person then deleted all the posts for a second time.

At no time was this ex editor an administrator of this blog. The ex editor recently bought the url, but does not, and never has, owned this site, No one has hacked into this blog.

Thank you for your understanding.

Pet Pardons Followers Outraged by Misleading, Deceptive Headlines

Admitted fraudster and Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email) has just written another false, sensational story, this time about a “complete ban on dogs” in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (see screenshot). But this time, her readers are calling her out for her outrageous dishonesty.

Wulff, the author of disgusting hoax stories about dogs being tied to train tracks and an Ohio shelter burning dogs alive (neither of which ever happened), has twisted a limited and entirely reasonable proposal to ban dogs in the business district of Beaver Falls into a nefarious and shocking “complete ban on dogs”:

Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, and Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News, adds his own commentary: “[O]ne city in Pennsylvania is considering a complete ban on dogs”:

And of course, this story was also shared on the Pet Pardons Facebook page, with “OUTRAGEOUS!” added, in case it was not clear that their story was (as usual) an attempt to outrage people:

As usual, this story is false.

The proposal concerns banning dogs only in the downtown, business district, not the whole city. In other words, it is not a “complete ban” at all.

Other news sites confirm this:

Cayr’s sensational headline has nothing to do with the actual story. Notice I said story: it is just a fiction, not a news article. When you write for a legitimate news organisation, the headline should match the article. When it doesn’t, it becomes fiction.

Fortunately, I was not the only person who noticed the headline was way off.

Firstly, Kelsey Rose Dixon notes “This headline is very misleading and [it] seems to be done on purpose“:

I couldn’t agree more.

Secondly, Colleen Chriss notes “It’s not the whole city and it is NOT a complete ban on dogs”:

Lastly, Dawn Fabbri notes “[I]f you even read the article they are not banning dogs just wanting them banned from a 10 block business district”:

It’s great to see Pet Pardons followers themselves pointing out their headlines are false, and intentionally so.

Of course, it’s doubtful that Pet Pardons News will change their headline, even now. Cayr and Jeromie’s reputations for dishonesty and fraud are well known, even, apparently, amongst Pet Pardons followers themselves.

Jeromie Williams Ignores Questions from Toronto Pet Daily

Today we learned that Toronto Pet Daily sent Jeromie Williams some basic questions about his involvement with Pet Pardons, and the whereabouts of the $1,800 he has withheld from the Operation Sled Dogs rescue group.

For example:

  • What is your current position within the group Pet Pardons?
  • OSD and others are pointing do a discrepancy stating that they never did receive all funds raised through the ChipIn page. What became of those funds?
  • You have been accused of allegedly making threats via email and phone messages. Is any of this true?

These simple questions were sent a month ago, and to date Jeromie has not bothered to respond, nor has anyone else from Pet Pardons.

Toronto Pet Daily concludes:

I guess it’s time to face facts. Based on past activity and any lack of response from any Pet Pardons representative, no money should be donated to Pet Pardons. Ever. Donations seemingly disappear into thin air and no reasons are given. 

PLEASE let me know if you can think of something more disgraceful than profiting off the backs of animals in need. The list is short.

I’ll now direct you to an individual who has followed the actions of Pet Pardons for quite some time. I am through attempting to contact or speak with anyone from Pet Pardons. They have had months of opportunity. If you can read this blog & still feel the need to donate to Pet Pardons, well then, you are acting in such a fashion that is tantamount to animal abuse. The author of the linked blog has been harassed and accused for spreading lies and hate toward Pet Pardons. To my estimation nothing could be further from the truth. Go through the articles yourself & you’ll find screen caps upon screen caps of documents and correspondence. If only Pet Pardons were so transparent.

Exactly. Toronto Pet Daily also includes a valuable warning to animal lovers:

I warn you to be wary of any donation made to a ChipIn fund or a “rescue” or business supported by Pet Pardons. Your donation will likely vanish.

And a message to Jeromie Williams and his accomplices at Pet Pardons:

Mr. Hoar, Mr. Williams, you no longer have to answer to me. You now have to answer to the growing number of animal lovers who feel betrayed and lied to. They might get over that betrayal, but the animals never will. Why? Because when donations aimed toward helping them never reach them, they have lost. I wonder what they would say if they could see that money flashed in front of their eyes only to be taken away as a cruel joke.

Read the full article here.

Also, see my previous posts on Toronto Pet Daily here:

Investigation Demanded on Cayr Ariel Wulff’s Book Marketing

Cayr Ariel WulffAn informed source is raising more questions about Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email). In recent weeks we have noted that Wulff has defended the criminal Jeromie Williams, attempted a Nixonian coverup of his frauds and embezzlement, and violated Google News policy by publishing hoax articles and inciting death threats. She also admitted committing internet fraud, raising money by ChipIn to “save the life of the next animal just moments away from being abused or killed,” and instead using it for her own dog’s bills.

Our source, who does not want to be named given Jeromie Williams’ long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police, has revealed yet another potential scandal.

It appears that Wulff has promised since 2007 to donate “1/3 of the proceeds from sales of [her] books” to “local humane group Valley Save-a-Pet for their humane programs.”

However, when our source contacted VSAP to verify that 1/3 of the proceeds had been donated, an official there said that they were not aware of any commitment to donate any portion of the proceeds to VSAP. They promised to investigate, but could not confirm whether any of the proceeds have been donated since 2007.

In any event, we asked Wulff about this in the comments section of one of her Examiner articles. Curiously, she quickly changed the subject to “taking photos soon of [her] handing … money to Pawsibilities,” an entirely different charity. She later accused us of libel for simply raising these questions, and sent us the following warning by e-mail:

If you want to investigate my donations to Valley Save a Pet, be my guest. I will tell you that I won’t stand by and watch that small, honest rescue trashed by you and your friends. The VSAP people are good good people. If you insist on dragging yet another innocent bystander (VSAP)into this ridiculous fray (and I don’t mean by investigating, go right ahead with my blessing)…I mean in any other way…I will be compelled to sever my ties with VSAP to keep them out of it. And ultimately, Kim, that will only hurt them, because I provide an expensive service for them at no cost. Ariel

Let me be very clear: We are not interested in “trashing” anyone, and certainly not Valley Save-a-Pet, which sounds like an excellent group. Actually, it’s rather unbelievable to us that Cayr would threaten to “hurt” them because of anything we are doing. We are only interested in exposing the truth about any scams, frauds or hoaxes that Jeromie Williams and his Pet Pardons associates are involved in, and we will continue to do so, forever.

Jeromie Williams Spreads Fairfield Hoax On Google Plus

For months we have been exposing Pet Pardons Director of Canadian Operations and Managing Editor, Jeromie Williams, and his possible lies, fraud, embezzlement, and threats.

As Kim Johnston just revealed, Jeromie’s Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff has written four articles about a hoax, falsely alleging that the Fairfield County Dog Shelter near Lancaster, Ohio, was burning dogs alive. (All of the articles were edited by Jeromie Williams.)

As we investigated each article, we could find no evidence to confirm that dogs were being burned alive at the shelter. Local media, including the local paper, the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, had no evidence it happened either.

Unfortunately, Jeromie has also been using his Google+ account to mislead people about the state of Ohio. In his first post, he disgustingly states This is how they do things in Ohio,right above a picture of a fire in an oven and the words “BURNING DOGS ALIVE“:

Subsequent posts all refer to the shelter as the “Ohio Dog Burning Shelter“:

Of course, this shelter is not “known to burn dogs alive to save time.” This is a lie, spread by Pet Pardons, as Kim Johnston has revealed.

We do not understand (and Pet Pardons has never explained) how “dog composting” could be a “money making scheme.” Perhaps there is some huge demand for composted dog remains that we are unaware of, but we think it’s rather more likely that this is just more sensationalistic nonsense from Jeromie Williams and Pet Pardons.

In his final post, he praises the “grass roots” (i.e., Pet Pardons readers who they incited to threaten shelter workers and County Commissioners). But the change from gassing to euthanasia by injection had been planned for quite some time. As Kim noted, the Ohio SPCA threatened legal action on August 3 if they did not make the switch, but this had nothing to do with the claim dogs were burned alive.

It’s amazing how many Pet Pardons followers believed that the Fairfield County Dog Shelter was burning dogs alive. In the first article they claim two eyewitness accounts were presented to the County Commissioners, but, it seems, no one has any record of this. Who were these “eyewitnesses”? No names were ever released. According to Wulff, they can’t release the names:

As Kim and Topher have explained, this makes no sense. If animal rescuers saw dogs being burned alive, wouldn’t they try to stop it? Why would they be afraid to give their names, so they can be questioned, and the story verified? Why wouldn’t they have told their story to the Ohio SPCA, which has no evidence of any of this? Or local media, like the Eagle-Gazette? None of which, again, have any evidence that any dogs were burned alive.

Wulff was simply lying, which is something that Jeromie Williams has done before.

In another Google+ post, Jeromie asks “who DOES this kind of stuff???” referring to a false story about dogs being tied to train tracks, also in Ohio:

Well as Topher wrote, no one did that. Like many Pet Pardons News articles, that story was simply made up. No dogs were tied to the tracks, and no dogs were killed by the train. This was just another outrageous lie.

So I have a question myself. Jeromie has a long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police. He also has a long history of lying in his Examiner articles, on TV, and now in Pet Pardons News. And he has embezzled countless thousands of dollars from legitimate animal rescue groups.

Who DOES this kind of stuff???