We’re #1

Today one of our regular readers pointed out that when you google Jeromie Williams, this site is ranked first. In fact, it’s also ranked second.

The actual blog of Jeromie Williams shows up at #3.

She also noted that this site is ranked #1 in Google’s autocomplete predictions for “Jeromie Williams.”

In other words, when people type “Jeromie Williams” into Google, it’s apparently more likely that they’re looking for information about his frauds than they are about, well, him, or anything he’s ever written:

It’s okay though, I hear someone Jeromie knows quite well is an expert in search engine optimization, and is willing to offer training for the low, low price of $500.

Celebrating 20,000

Thanks to an incredible and record-breaking surge of 738 page views today (which is still growing), this blog has smashed past the 20,000 threshold. We have now exposed the crimes and other despicable behaviour of the fraud artist Jeromie Williams once for every league under the sea.

When you add the views from our now defunct mirror blog at Blog.com, and those of our partner sites in the Pet Pardons Watch Network, we are quickly approaching 50,000 total page views.

Once again, let us note that none of this would have been possible without the support of many, many people, including many of the victims of Jeromie Williams. Your help and support is appreciated so very much.

(I think the bunnies above might become a new symbol for this page, since Jeromie happily exploits them by pretending to support veganism and animal rights, whilst eating rabbit sandwiches.)

A Note from the Administration

Please note that Alison Mednick Buzzotta Hector is not an administrator here, on our site, or any other site in the Pet Pardons Watch network, and she never has been. She has come under personal, malicious and false attack from Pet Pardons based on misinformation. Many people are now making inquiries into the activities of Pet Pardons, and she was just one of those who has commented. That’s all.

-PPW Administrators

WordPress Dismisses Drama Llama Complaints

As many of our readers know, this blog has been under constant attack for the past two weeks.

False complaints have been lodged against us, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to deal with them.


  1. This blog is not spam. It is not a splog. We wrote it to inform the public, not to make money (and we have made $0).
  2. This blog has not been hacked. A former editor thought that she owned the blog, for reasons we still do not fully understand. (See her claims here.)
  3. This blog does not mislead readers into thinking we are Jeromie Williams. We are not Jeromie Williams. We never claimed to be. (See his claims here.)
  4. This blog does not threaten anyone or incite violence against anyone. Indeed, the purpose of the blog is to condemn this behaviour! (See Jeromie Williams’ and Cayr Ariel Wulff’s claims here, Kim Johnston’s claims here.)
  5. This blog does not contain illegally recorded or edited conversations. The recordings are fully legal, and posted with the permission of Operation Sled Dogs (OSD) officials. (See Jeromie’s claims here.)
  6. This blog is not defamatory or libelous. Public comment and criticism does not constitute defamation. (See Jeromie Williams’ and Cayr Ariel Wulff’s claims here, Kim Johnston’s claims here.)
  7. We are not stalking anyone. Public comment and criticism does not constitute stalking, either. (See Jeromie Williams’ and Cayr Ariel Wulff’s claims here.)
  8. We are not harassing or terrorizing anyone. Public comment and criticism does not constitute harassment or terrorism, either. (See Jeromie Williams’ and Cayr Ariel Wulff’s claims here.)
  9. We have never infringed copyright. DMCA takedown demands aside, under 17 USC § 107, fair use of copyrighted work for the purposes of criticism, comment, or news reporting, is not an infringement of copyright.

Cayr Ariel Wulff has begged WordPress to report us to the “authorities”:

“I have also been victimized on the Jeromiewilliamsisafraud.wordpress.com blog. I became a target after I saw a quote from the blog in a public forum and I commented that I thought dedicating a blog to destroying someone’s life was creepy, and that the person who was doing most of the writing must be stalking Mr. Williams … I have reported this to WordPress on numerous occasions, and WordPress has done nothing … I would think that WordPress would want to report the writers of the blog to the proper authorities.”

A volunteer rightly dismissed her as a “drama llama”:

“We are not allowed to post or participate in blog promotion or drama llama discussion threads on this forum … What part of this picture do you not get? WordPress.com is not your Big Brother.”

We have to admit the resemblance is uncanny…

Administator Sets Record Straight

As Topher Mackenzie has explained, this blog has been restored in order to refute false allegations made against us in a WordPress forum.

On Wednesday, one of our editors deleted all the articles on the blog. Another editor, after finding them deleted, published them again. Later the (now ex) editor and the administrator agreed that only information on her would be deleted. On Thursday, this person then deleted all the posts for a second time.

At no time was this ex editor an administrator of this blog. The ex editor recently bought the url http://www.jeromiewilliamsisafraud.com, but does not, and never has, owned this site, http://jeromiewilliamsisafraud.WORDPRESS.com. No one has hacked into this blog.

Thank you for your understanding.