Jeromie Williams Targets, Threatens, Harasses and Slanders Another Woman

Readers of this blog will recall that after Jeromie Williams was fired by Liberal America, Tiffany Willis offered him an opportunity to work with her on her new website. The result, predictably, was one disaster after another (and another etc.).

Readers of this blog will also recall that Jeromie convinced a former friend, Heather Jay, to buy him a train ticket to her home in Ottawa in December so he could “housesit” for her over the holidays, and once again the result was one disaster after another. He then proceeded to convert Heather’s home into a bawdy house, abusing and/or starving her cat in the process, and then harassed her, her family, and her friends.

Little more than a month after Jeromie returned to Montreal, as we reported last week, the group Americans Against the Tea Party (AATTP) fired Jeromie in February. And not long after that, he targeted a new victim, one of his former co-workers at AATTP, and even tried to convince her to buy him a train ticket to her home (in the Midwestern United States). As she explains, “[Jeromie] ask[ed] for ME to pay for a ticket to my house – for the train, no less, which costs more than a flight. Because he likes trains better”:

Fortunately for her (and her husband and especially their fifteen cats), this never happened. However, Jeromie was able to convince her to allow him to work on her new website, just as he had done last fall to Tiffany Willis:

“[Jeromie] talked me into starting up a website with him, and then proceeded to try to strongarm me into working for him instead of as a partner. I paid for the domain, the hosting, did the graphics arts, my husband set up the server and was webmaster.”

Jeromie expected her to assume all tax liabilities, but he wanted “equal access to the money, the server, the website (which I never gave him because it’s not my first day on the internet).” In return, he offered his social media “expertise,” but she quickly realised he was wildly exaggerating his knowledge, abilities and experience, as usual:

“I knew he knew nothing about marketing when he didn’t know how adsense worked, and didn’t know what ‘demographic’ meant. I took to playing dumb to see just what he did know. It wasn’t much.”

The fact that he didn’t have a clue about how online marketing actually works made her uncomfortable. Furthermore, Jeromie once again gave a series of excuses to explain why he hadn’t done any work: “During my association with him he told me he had contracted chlamydia from some person he met in New York, that he was broke and needed money (I sent him $55 which is doubtless where he got the money for chocolate and toilet paper)…” He frequently disappeared for days at a time, leaving her to clean up his messes. He also spoke to her in a “snotty and demanding” manner. She eventually decided she’d had enough of Jeromie’s constant bullying, and locked him out of her site and server, blocked him on Facebook, and “muted” him so that he was restricted to contacting her via cell phone only.

Predictably, he responded with yet another harassment campaign against her:

He is now calling the police in my home town, telling them that I am an identity thief, that I have stolen a website from him, that I am a right wing terrorist. He is also calling my cell phone and sending threatening texts.

This is, of course, fully consistent with Jeromie’s long history of bullying, making false allegations and frivolous police complaints, criminal harassment and general misogyny.

When she urged him to go ahead and call the police, and told him she had found this website, Jeromie responded with a series of wild projections, angrily dismissing this site as the work of a “sick internet stalker,” and accusing his victim of setting off “criminal whistles”:

As she responded, Jeromie’s allegations of intellectual property theft are not just false but ridiculous, and his criminal behaviour is well-documented on this site:

I know nothing of the kind, and in fact I know quite the opposite after having spent all day chasing down a dozen different people and speaking with them personally. Seems you have built quite a reputation for yourself, Jeromie. Everything on that website is not only true, it’s also documented. To think I would have welcomed you into my home. LOL. Good thing I listened to my gut about you.

The website is mine, paid for by me, and will remain so. It is housed on my server, also bought and paid for by me. The contract expired thirty days after you signed it, releasing me from any obligation to you. Since the website never made a dime, I owe you jack and squat concerning its profits, and indeed you owe ME money, but I know I will never get that back. You’re incapable of being honorable about money, as your history with others proves.

You just keep talking shit, Jeromie, keep lying to yourself about how you were wronged. You might be able to convince some little girl, but *I* am not that weak, nor am I afraid of some two dollar meth addicted boy whore who likes to give dogs a go, and torture cats. You’re deplorable. I’ve scraped classier things off the bottom of my shoe.

If you have a case I suggest you get to callin’ someone with a badge, scream from the rooftops how you have been maligned. With a growing body of evidence, soon you will have your own wiki entry as the best known scam artist in the Western hemisphere.

I ‘took’ personal info? Good try, asshole. I’ve already spoken to [redacted] about that. She’s aware that not only did I throw her information away the moment I banned you from the website, but she’s also aware that she can contact me anytime if she has any other concerns. You’ve been cut out of the entire situation.

Don’t f*** with me, little boy. You’re not clever enough.

Oh, but please do send me a few more e-mails full to brimming with made up lies and your delusions. It gives me a chance to show the world just how crazy you truly are, and how dangerous. Law enforcement must really love you. =)

Enjoy the free publicity!

He once again attacked this site as “bullshit,” and she responded that:

“There’s NOTHING you can say to me that will convince me you’re anything other than a sick, animal abusing sexual deviant with a thing for dogs and kids, and I will MAKE SURE to spread the word about you because here’s ONE WOMAN whom you CANNOT intimidate into being quiet.”

Still, Jeromie threatened to slander her in a series of emails, and/or make false complaints to local police, apparently based on conversations that simply never happened:

In response, she asked: “Seriously? Is that the best you can do? Make up shit and then accuse me of it?”

Jeromie’s answer (“of course!”) came only one minute later:

Obviously, she is not the one with a cocaine problem.

“If anyone was on a crackpipe,” she responded, “that would be you.”

Jeromie Williams Implicated in Extortion, Cat Abuse, Running Bawdy House, Theft, Criminal Harassment, Etc.

On Sunday, we revealed that not only is the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams a crystal meth addict (which explains the premature greying shown at right), but he is a male prostitute, as well.

One of Jeromie’s former friends, Heather Jay, recently contacted us with yet another Jeromie Williams horror story.

It begins in 2008, when Jeromie befriended her on Facebook. They were both from Vancouver, and both moved east. (Heather, a massage therapist, enrolled in a message therapy program in Ottawa.)

She appreciated certain advice her offered on a personal matter, and over the next several years, he slowly gained her trust, only to abuse it in the most spectacular fashion, just as we have come to expect from Jeromie Williams.

Jeromie promised to perform social media work for her in exchange for almost $2,000, but, as usual, he never delivered.

Heather explains:

“I am a very loving and giving person. I help those that I can ( or did until now) and have been very generous to those I love and respect and my nature is very forgiving. To my own detriment it now seems. Jeromie certainly took advantage of this trait of mine and managed to collect nearly 2000$ out of me with promises to work my social media but every time I asked him to start he always gave me some excuse and never answered me back.”

This, of course, is typical for Jeromie, who took thousands of dollars meant for animal rescue, and very likely spent it on crystal meth. In turn, he used his crystal meth addiction as an excuse to explain his various disgusting behaviour at, but his excuses — everything from a bad breakup to a broken condom and an AIDS test — literally never end.

As Kim Johnston wrote, he is useless:

Jeromie regularly begged for more (as usual), but there came a point when Heather, a mother of four young boys, simply needed her money back, and Jeromie responded that he is “living off of raman noodles and potatoes right now.” He explained he was sorry he “slammed [her] into a corner” and felt “horrible that I can’t make good on what I owe you right now,” since he didn’t even have rent money yet for November:

Readers of this blog will recall that last November, Jeromie told Tiffany Willis he was having financial troubles because he had spent his rent money on crystal meth. Heather’s money, likewise, had probably gone to one drug dealer or another. The drugs, Jeromie explained, “weren’t a factor in me spending money on them instead of necessities. I simply partook with other people.” (In lieu of money, Jeromie apparently offered Heather a job at

Since it was obvious Jeromie was never going to either pay her back or perform the work he had promised, Heather reasoned, maybe she could get him to do something else. She was going away for three weeks over the holidays, and she needed someone to look after her cat. Also, having someone in the house might discourage (other) thieves.

Not to mention that Jeromie was perennially in trouble in Montreal (possibly for stealing and/or not paying for drugs), and repeatedly begged Heather to help him leave the city (“my life depends on me getting out of Montreal…“).

So, unfortunately, she asked Jeromie to housesit for her in Ottawa. Instead of giving him yet more cash (as he asked for), she paid for his VIA Rail ticket from Montreal, and bought him food for the three weeks he would be in Ottawa:

(For more on Jeromie’s “friends” in Ottawa, see #3 below.)

Jeromie neglected, starved and/or abused her cat.

Not surprisingly, Jeromie failed utterly at the one specific task Heather left for him: taking care of her two-year-old cat, Mau-Mau.

Before she left, she carefully labeled three cases of cat food, one for each week she would be away, and left detailed instructions for Jeromie.

When she returned home three weeks later, Mau-Mau was starving, and nearly all the cat food was left in the cupboard. Only four cans (from the first case) had been used. “My cat was so skinny when I arrived home and ate for almost 6 days constantly,” Heather explained, “I didn’t sleep for days.”

Even more troubling, Heather explains,

“She had a patch of fur that looked like it was ripped out and her eye looked wonky for nearly 3 weeks. She hid for nearly 2 weeks and would only come out to eat. She normally is at my side at all times, sleeping with me etc…since then, she had not been the same cat that I left in his care.”

For his part, Jeromie claimed that Mau-Mau ate all the food Heather had left, so he went out and bought more. (Presumably that was right after he finished building another hospital.)

Jeromie also claimed that Mau-Mau had “lost a few pounds” because she’s “getting more exercise“:

Precisely what kind of exercise we do not know, although one of our members has suggested that Jeromie may have thrown Mau-Mau in the air in an attempt to replicate images he has previously posted on his site, such as this:

As we have shown on this blog, while Jeromie masquerades as an animal rights activist, he actually has a long history of exploiting and defrauding animal rescuers. And now it appears that he may have actually abused, or at the very least neglected, Heather’s cat.

Our Canadian lawyer advises us that Jeromie may be guilty of cruelty to animals (causing unnecessary suffering), in violation of s. 445.1(1)(a) of the Canadian Criminal Code, which states that “Every one commits an offence who wilfully causes or, being the owner, wilfully permits to be caused unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or a bird.” Section 3 states that “For the purposes of proceedings under paragraph (1)(a), evidence that a person failed to exercise reasonable care or supervision of an animal or a bird thereby causing it pain, suffering or injury is, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, proof that the pain, suffering or injury was caused or was permitted to be caused wilfully, as the case may be.”

Jeromie turned her home into a bawdy house.

Jeromie’s ads, some of which we posted on Sunday, were for sexual services in Ms. Jay’s home last December and early January, without her knowledge or permission.

When she returned, she was shocked to find that “while he was house sitting for me at xmas [Jeromie] had gay sex EVERYWHERE in my home, sold HIS ass on craigslist out of MY fucking house…”

In fact, he even used her professional massage table to do so:

But there wasn’t anything professional about the services Jeromie actually offered:

It is illegal to keep a bawdy house in Canada. Punishment can include imprisonment for up to two years under section 210 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Jeromie “trashed” her house.

Heather explains:

“When I say my house was trashed, he didn’t make any physical damage per say, but what I came home to was this: open and used condoms under my bed, in my closet and my spare room. I’m talking a dozen or more USED condoms OMG yes! There were Empty booze bottles littered EVERYWHERE. My sheets were gone, several of them actually. They just up and disappeared they did. When i asked him, his response was, ‘I dunno, go look in the closet’. Well, I did and what I found was not my sheets but several towels and facecloths of mine with obvious semen and dark brown pubic hairs EVERYWHERE! I was mortified! I cleaned my home for 4 days before I could get the carpets cleaned, all the walls and everything washed, my entire home disinfected, I never did find my missing sheets!”


  • Spoiled and rotting food was everywhere. “It was fucking sick,” Heather explains. “My house stunk. HE stunk.”
  • Grease was all over her kitchen floor, cupboards, fridge, stove, and dishwasher. Heather says that “I’d never seen so much grease!”
  • Mysterious black streaks were all over her walls, which had to be repainted.
  • Mysterious red stains were on her carpets, which had to be cleaned.
  • Various filth covered the upholstery on her furniture as well, which had to be cleaned. “He would sneeze and it would just fly EVERYWHERE!” Heather concluded “His [hygiene] is deplorable! His manners non existent.”
  • Three weeks worth of flyers were “tossed haphazardly in the middle of [her] foyer/entrance,” not recycled as she had asked.

Also, she found that her garage was filled with “34 industrial drum sized garbage bags.” Though Heather had left a note about garbage days in Orleans, Jeromie had apparently never managed to take out the garbage.

Heather told Jeromie to leave, and he returned to Montreal by VIA Rail on January 5, 2014.

Unfortunately, her troubles with Jeromie Williams were only just beginning. Since she had confided in him for several years, he knew personal details about her life and her family that he would now use against her.

Jeromie tried to extort $50 (fifty dollars) from Heather.

Jeromie had finally offered to repay Heather $50 on New Year’s Eve, apparently whilst writing a long and bizarre email to a man he had assaulted.

Keep $50,” he said, “and have a beer on me.” A week later, he demanded the $50 back:

However, given what Heather had found in her home when she returned, and given the amount Jeromie still owed her, she was not inclined to give him anything.

In a classic bit of psychological projection, Jeromie then accused Heather of theft, and “making up excuses” to avoid paying. The opposite was, of course, the truth. (Jeromie also demanded that VIA Rail reimburse him for his train ticket.)

At this point, Heather reminded Jeromie that extortion is illegal, and she asked for an explanation of the craigslist and backpage ads that Jeromie had posted advertising sexual services in her home, and without her permission.

But in typical, disgusting fashion, Jeromie continued to threaten her. In particular:

  • He threatened to slander her throughout the media, as he has done so many times before. (If you want to hear audio of him making a similar threat to another woman, please click here.)
  • He threatened to report her residence as a bawdy house (which he had turned it into!) to Ottawa police, explicitly in order to harm her legitimate massage therapy business.
  • He threatened to cause trouble for her boyfriend and his family, by exposing private and personal information about their relationship.

Here is a typical e-mail:

The first sentence is yet another masterpiece of psychological projection. It was not Heather, of course, who set up any fake accounts…

Jeromie stole private pictures of Heather, and posted them online to slander her as a prostitute.

In January, we posted evidence that Jeromie had stolen an email archive from founder Tiffany Willis, violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the process.

He continued this behaviour in Ottawa, apparently, where he stole pictures off of Heather’s computer, and even one of her Facebook group accounts (now defunct, it was appropriately titled “The Douche Bag Chronicles”).

There, for all her friends to see, he slandered her as a prostitute:


Jeromie also contacted her friends, and suggested they look in the “hooker section” of Craigslist. There, of course, he had posted a series of ads using the stolen pictures. Heather contacted Craigslist immediately to get the ads taken down, but Jeromie’s “campaign” against her had only just begun.

Jeromie threatened Heather’s friends.

Not surprisingly, Heather’s friends did not appreciate messages from Jeromie slandering their friend.

When they objected to Jeromie’s behaviour, he harassed and threatened them, too:

In case anyone is curious what actual “death threats on the internet” look like, it’s probably something like this:

Or perhaps this (audio), this (audio), or this, or, well, you get the idea. Yet in Jeromie’s warped mind, his criminal behaviour is simply projected onto other people, like Colleen, or Tiffany Willis, or Kim Johnston, or the animal rescuers at Operation Sled Dogs, or, well, me. He has threatened all of us (and more) with jail (or worse), and/or inclusion in his police reports.

Here is a threat Jeromie sent my way after I exposed some of his frauds in January 2012:

Not surprisingly, the police are generally more interested in investigating Jeromie’s various criminal activities than in doing the bidding of a crystal meth addicted male prostitute criminal fraud artist who is desperately trying to silence his victims on the internet, lest he be exposed for what he actually is.

Jeromie harassed Heather’s boyfriend.

In the interests of privacy, we will not publish any details here.

This man and his family are yet more innocent victims of the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams.

Jeromie stole explicit pictures of Heather and sent them to her 15-year-old son.

Heather could not believe even Jeromie would do such a thing: “He sent my 15 year old son the link to this page and has traumatized him so much! My son had already ‘liked’ my page and so Jeromie was free to send him the link! My 15 year old son!”

Heather is despondent: “I’m totally distraught and devastated beyond belief.”

There’s not much more we can say about this, except perhaps this: To our knowledge, no one has ever been harmed by overestimating the utter depravity of Jeromie Williams.

Nor is this the first time that he has targeted children. He posted pictures of Kim Johnston’s 15-year-old son on his blog, and implied he might show up at his school. Jeromie also threatened him (and her, and her other two sons) with deportation to Australia:

During another recent Jeromie Williams harassment campaign (this time against Tiffany Willis), Jeromie also sent vile pictures to several employees of, which we suspect may include child pornography. Not surprisingly, Jeromie has gained something of a reputation as a danger to children.

But equally, he’s a danger to adults:

Jeromie likely spiked Heather’s drink in order to steal $300 from her in August 2012.

Before any of the events above happened, Heather met Jeromie in person for the first time in August 2012. She had recently moved to Ottawa from Vancouver, and she decided to take a trip out to Montreal. Needless to say, the trip did not go as planned.

Firstly, Heather witnessed Jeromie snorting various drugs, including cocaine and/or crystal meth (we are reliably informed that Jeromie abuses both).

Secondly, “Jeromie was acting very weird that night and kept insisting that I ‘drink up’ and I thought it was just to get the party started.” In hindsight, Heather suspects that his reasons were far more sinister, because of what happened next:

  • After only 15 minutes, “I all of a sudden felt so sick and heavy and weird and wobbly and disorientated beyond belief and I could barely move.” Also: “I started to feel fuzzy. Heavy and groggy and wanted to sleep right here. I hadn’t even finished my first drink. Jeromie was just sitting there smiling at me and I thought that was weird.”
  • Jeromie’s “personality became very aggressive shortly after and he even grabbed my arm roughly to push me over so a guy could use my chair…it was a total woman hating move for sure.”
  • The $300 she was carrying with her went missing sometime that night.

Afterwards, Jeromie “frantically” denied drugging her, and she ultimately decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, which, obviously, he never deserved.

We have been advised that Heather’s drink was likely spiked with a very large dose of a date rape drug such as GHB, or gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, which Jeromie would have easily been able to obtain from one of his cocaine or crystal meth dealers.

One of Heather’s friends, who was there that night, apparently suspected Jeromie immediately:

Jeromie later confessed to an addiction to crystal meth, just as he had done to Tiffany Willis:

But, of course, he denied he was on meth when she visited Montreal:

Sadly, “stop lying” is not something anyone can reasonably expect from a pathological liar like Jeromie Williams.

This criminal activity, in its entirety, has been reported to the Ottawa Police Service.

Heather, distraught over this whole ordeal, has ended her relationship with her boyfriend, and decided to transfer back into a massage therapy program in British Columbia.

Jeromie Williams Fired Again?

It appears that Jeromie Williams may have been fired by yet another organisation. Today he posted that he has “officially ended [his] time in the online animal advocacy world, and will no longer be affiliated with any group or organization you may have come to know [him] through,” meaning, presumably, Pet Pardons:

Apparently the politics and pageantry of the animal rights world was too unkind and rough for poor Jeromie. Perhaps he’s referring to this or this or this or this or this or this or this or this or this or this or, well, you get the picture.

We are curious what happened, of course, because Jeromie has previously been fired from several positions for dishonesty, incompetence, bigotry, workplace harassment and/or other inappropriate behaviour.

For example, in January 2012, the Canada Headlines Examiner fired Jeromie after he was exposed fabricating events, people, and even witnesses in his articles for months in order to get onto Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network. He later lied about the reasons for his departure, claiming he left because Examiner was paying him “sweatshop wages.”

Likewise, Playboy Media fired Jeromie in or around January 2012 after only three weeks, for inappropriate behaviour. He was working as a junior social media person (though he later claimed to have “pulled the strings” behind the scenes for Hugh Hefner). He reportedly harassed several other employees after he was fired.

Not to mention that in March 2012, The Gaily, a website for Canadian gays and lesbians, removed Jeromie from his former position as the contributing editor of the site. Though no details were provided, it is speculated that he was terminated after criminally harassing and making death threats against a woman and teenaged boys, who he also attacked with homophobic slurs:

Of course, as Jeromie would say, “If you’re going to call someone a ‘faggot’ you better be ready for the consequences”:

To date Pet Pardons has not provided any statement on their (apparently former) Canadian Director of Operations and Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News & Blog, or their culpability in any of his many, many crimes.

Report: Jeromie Williams, Fired By Playboy for “Inappropriate Behavior,” Harassed Playboy Employees, Lies About Experience

We have noted previously that Jeromie Williams has “boasted,” in his own words, that he “once worked on team ‘Heffner’ [sic.] and pulled the strings behind the scenes for and The Smoking Jacket.” On the other hand, Jeromie also has a well-documented history of embellishing on his resume, and you might think someone who worked so closely with Hugh Hefner would know how to spell his name.

So it comes as no surprise that today we received a report that Jeromie worked for Playboy for only three weeks before he was fired for inappropriate behaviour, not even making it past the company’s probation period:

Jeromie worked at the Playboy website office as a junior social media person for The Smoking Jacket and lasted 3 weeks before being fired for inappropriate behavior and harassed several employees after the firing. His claim of pulling strings for Playboy is completely false and beyond laughable, he didn’t even make it past his probation period.

Nor does it surprise us that Jeromie harassed several employees at Playboy after he was fired, given his months-long cyberstalking and harassment campaign against Kim Johnston and her sons, for which he is still under investigation by the SQ/SPVM. Not to mention his embezzlement of several thousand dollars from animal rescue groups, and all of his harassment and threats against those same groups, and anyone else who dares to criticise him, which led Toronto Pet Daily to describe him as the “Scum of the Earth.”

As we have pointed out, Jeromie also harassed and/or slandered his former co-workers at The Gaily and The Examiner. The Gaily fired him after he threatened Kim Johnston and used homophobic slurs to attack her young sons (one only 16). The Examiner fired him after he was caught making up stories, events and people, and interviewing his own fake personas.

Of course, Jeromie continues to spread lies and slander as the Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News. Most recently, as we have noted, he has violated Google News policy by publishing hoax stories and inciting harassment and death threats against innocent people.

Pet Pardons Attempts to Cover Up Canadian Director’s Outrageous Crimes

NixonAbout a month ago, we wrote about Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email), and her outrageous defense of Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada.

In the comments, Wulff responded by slandering me, Alison Hector of the The Pet Advocates Network, and even the Operation Sled Dog (OSD) rescue group from which Jeromie stole $1,800. The group’s driver, she claimed, “killed 7 [dogs] with his negligence” and gave “his choice of dogs to a puppy mill.”

Well, those are just outright lies. The driver did not negligently kill seven dogs, and none were given to puppy mills (although it is true that one did not survive, sadly, as Jeromie notes on his blog, which interestingly does not mention the death of seven dogs or any negligence on the part of the driver).

Why would he lie? We guess it was just a desperate attempt to justify his embezzlement of $1,800 from OSD. Jeromie certainly has no trouble making up horrible stories about other people, as he has done so many times before about so many others. But it must be nice for him to have Cayr Ariel Wulff around to help spread the libel!

Speaking of which, we noticed that Wulff has since spread more outrageous lies in a post on the Scamwarners website. Although the thread was soon deleted (presumably after complaints from Pet Pardons, and/or Jeromie himself), here is a screenshot:

Let’s take her claims one at a time:

1. Jeromie Williams is not a director at Pet Pardons any more than he is the “King of Neptune.” He is only an “editor” who edits Cayr’s articles.

King of NeptuneWell friends, if you see this guy nearby, you’d best hold on to your wallet, hide your children, and call the authorities.

Pet Pardons may have taken great efforts to scrub any reference to Jeromie Williams as “Director of Operations” for Pet Pardons Canada off the internet, but Wulff’s claim is simply not credible.

Firstly, Jeromie Williams has consistently referred to himself as Director of Operations in stories about himself, and on his own blog. If you visit it today, or any of his other sites, you will find that he has changed his title there to “Managing Editor” of Pet Pardons News. Maybe tomorrow, he will give himself a new title.

Regardless, the claim that Jeromie simply edits articles is laughable, as the OSD case illustrates. Chris Hoar, the co-founder of Pet Pardons, assured donors that “On the ground for the rescue will be Jeromie Williams … making sure that every dollar raised tonight goes as far as it can.”

Jeromie apparently took this as license to attempt to take over the whole operation, and tell experienced OSD rescuers how to do their jobs. Shockingly, it transpired that he did not know how to do their jobs better than they did. You, gentle reader, can probably guess what happened next. Criminal harassment and death threats, of course.

And, as it turned out, some of the dollars raised could only “go as far as” Jeromie’s bank account, and into bizarre ransom letters he sent to OSD rescuers, apparently with the full knowledge and support of Chris Hoar and Pet Pardons, who continue to associate with him even now.

Simply put, Jeromie is not, and was not, a simple “editor” at Pet Pardons.

2. Pet Pardons does not ask for donations. “YOU WILL NEVER SEE A REQUEST FOR PEOPLE TO SEND MONEY TO PET PARDONS.”

Actually, yes, you will:

This plea for donations is posted on the official Pet Pardons website. Worse, the associated PayPal account is, the very same address Jeromie uses whilst peddling his ridiculous $20 “Hug a Gay Day” T-shirts. He also uses it whilst soliciting donations for his personal website. In other words, incredibly, it seems that any money donated via the Pet Pardons website goes directly into a personal account of Jeromie Williams, not to Pet Pardons.

It gets worse. Jeromie also raises money for “Pet Pardons Canada” via ChipIn. We have posted previously on Jeromie’s various ChipIn scams, including the OSD case. Jeromie appears to have a long history of directing people interested in donating to Pet Pardons to donate instead to his personal ChipIn accounts, which also appear to be commingled with ChipIn accounts to support his personal website, and to support various other non-animal-related causes.

Basically, not only does Pet Pardons ask for donations, but any money donated appears to go directly to Jeromie Williams.

3. Pet Pardons directs donors to other rescues’ ChipIn sites.

Not in the case of Jeromie Williams. Jeromie has a long history of setting up ChipIn accounts for other rescuers, and then apparently pilfering the donations for himself. For example:

As we have noted previously, we told Pet Pardons co-founders Chris Hoar and Ashley Owen Hill about Jeromie’s history back in January, including his criminal harassment of Kim Johnston and her family, and his subsequent death threats.

They didn’t even respond to us.

In fact, their one and only public comment on the matter comes in the form of a two-word tweet back in May:

Like Nixon, “Jeromie is not a crook.” No explanation. No documentation. No apology.


Contrast the lack of transparency at Pet Pardons with OSD, a legitimate rescue group, which has released all relevant financial statements from their operation.

We suspect that, if he continues stalking people, criminally harassing them, and making death threats, Jeromie may soon have something else in common with Nixon: He may soon need a pardon.

Luckily for him the URL is still available.

UPDATE: Wulff also asks whether the Race for the Cure is a scam because it raises money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We’re not sure we understand her point, but we will take this opportunity to point out, once again, that Jeromie Williams has pledged to “picket” the next Pink Ribbon event in Montreal, apparently because he is convinced that yes, the Komen Foundation is a scam. Or at least, that it’s not “inclusive of men.” (Yes, he actually wrote that.)

Jeromie Williams Threatens Animal Rescuers (Again): “I’ve got you guys lined up in my sights”

GailyThere is more shocking and disturbing news today from the Pet Advocates Network, as Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, has yet again threatened volunteer animal rescuers using violent, abusive and obscene language.

Jeromie was angry, apparently, that they have started a Facebook group and online petition to ask him to transfer money he still owes them, and, in particular, that they dared to link to this blog, which he calls “crazy” and “fucking smoke and mirrors bullshit.” (That is not what The Examiner or The Gaily concluded, presumably, when they terminated all connections with Jeromie earlier this year.) [UPDATE: OSD members have indicated that they did not create the OSD/ChipIn Facebook site. It was apparently created by an interested third party.]

Briefly, as we have reported previously, on March 27, Jeromie created a ChipIn account to raise money (purportedly) to help support the rescue over 25 Huskies from a dog sledding company owner in Quebec. Donors were promised that “On the ground for the rescue will be Jeromie Williams, the Managing Editor for the Pet Pardons News & Blog, making sure that every dollar raised tonight goes as far as it can.” Unfortunately, though the ChipIn raised $6,180.84 (USD), those dollars didn’t go much further than Jeromie Williams’ bank account. After incredible effort and pressure, Jeromie transferred $4,000, in four $1,000 increments, leaving approximately $1,800 owing (after USD-CDN conversion).

Audio of a telephone conversation between Jeromie and OSD rescuers concerning this outstanding $1,800 has been posted online:

Here is an annotated transcript:

Jeromie Williams: … So, you’re implicated through having taken the money [unintelligible] and saying you’re a non-profit organization when you’re not…

Female Animal Rescuer:We never said we were a non-profit organization.

Jeromie: You have it right on your Facebook page. It says non-profit organization. I screen-capped it. Don’t go ahead and change it. You promote yourselves as a non-profit organization. And, you’re putting up bullshit about me. And if that page isn’t down tonight, I swear to God by the weekend you’ll be in jail. Or you’ll be charged. Or you’ll have to be [unintelligible] to your house.

Topher’s Comment: Join the party folks. Jeromie threatened to have me “thrown in jail” back in January. Kim, too. And maybe her sons, though he mostly threatened them with deportation. We’re still waiting for the police to show up. It’s taking quite a while, though. I wonder if they’re busy with other things… And as I’ve written previously, it’s quite odd for Jeromie to berate the animal rescue group (OSD) for supposedly misrepresenting themselves as a non-profit group on Facebook, when they have lost $1,500 on their rescue operation, and Jeromie is (simultaneously) sending them photos of the $1,800 he raised for them but refuses to transfer. As I noted above, donors were promised that “every dollar” would be turned over. So, really, who is misrepresenting themselves here?

Female Animal Rescuer:And what about you for fraud?

Jeromie: I have your address. I know people who know where you live. And the police will come. So that if it doesn’t get taken down, you know, I’ll give you by Friday night, I’ll give you by Friday night, if it doesn’t get taken down, you are going to be in shit. You are going to be… because you are the only person who has taken money from me. And I can, I can track you through bank records. You’re the only person who has had contact with me. And I’d still come after you, because you’re the only one that I can. So you need to tell your people to cut it the fuck out and stop lying, because you know they’re lying about me.

Topher’s Comment: Back in January, Jeromie claimed to be able to “pinpoint” Kim’s location via her IP address, “within 50 feet.” (He was lying, of course.) While he also threatened that the police (FBI!) would come, the meaning of those comments was ambiguous, as he clearly threatened to come to Kim’s house himself. “See you in Boulder next week. Ticket is already booked,” he wrote. “First you go down, then Topher is next.” The threat of physical violence is implicit in the statement.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: The receipt is on the table.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: It’s on the table… [unintelligible] fucking receipt.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: And you know it.

Female Animal Rescuer: Jeromie, lying about you?

Jeromie: And you know it.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: But you won’t show it.

Female Animal Rescuer:Jeromie, you’ve collected $6,000. We’ve received $4,000 out of that $6,000.

Jeromie: No, because [unintelligible] $5,700 of which you’ve gotten $4,000.

Female Animal Rescuer:We’ve got $4,000 out the $6,000.

Jeromie: No, because [unintelligible] funds to Canadian funds, and you know that.

Female Animal Rescuer:And you didn’t lose $2,000 in, in you know, turning it into Canadian funds. Please, it’s at par.

Jeromie: $400, $400, 400, from Canadian to American. Or from American to Canadian.

Female Animal Rescuer:So that means that’s $5,700, so that means there’s another $1,700 that should come to us.

Jeromie: When you shall receive. And when you stop…

Female Animal Rescuer:When I shall receive? When I shall receive?

Jeromie: Because you gave those fucking dogs to breeders and you breeded them on the way.

Female Animal Rescuer:We didn’t give them…

Male Animal Rescuer: … bred the dogs on the way, by the way.

Jeromie: Somebody from your inner circle, from your core members, showed me e-mails, showed me everything you guys are doing. You guys don’t realise what I have [unintelligible]. You don’t realise the information that I have. I can destroy all of you at any given moment, and I’m giving you the opportunity to not make me do that. One of your core members has given me all the information. I know how many puppies died, okay?

Topher’s Comment: We’ve heard all this before too. In January, Jeromie warned us that “people who you think are your allies are completely on my side.” Well, oops, those “people” were, in reality, fake, sock puppet accounts created and controlled by Jeromie Williams. They would send us threats, and post lies to support Jeromie, but that’s about it. It’s also worth noting here that Jeromie Williams has been removed from his position at the Examiner after this blog uncovered his long history of writing about events that never happened, people who don’t exist, and even supposed witnesses to serious crimes who do not exist, at least not outside of the imagination of Jeromie Williams.

Female Animal Rescuer:How many puppies died?

Jeromie: I know, I know that Mike was breeding those dogs on the way. I know that, sorry not Mike, I know that the guy that Mike was friends, Bill or whatever his name is, the one in, in, in, in, B.C., or, or, or, ah, Alberta, I know that he’s a 70 year old man who’s a, who’s a, who has no way to take care of these dogs, and also a known breeder. I know everything.

Topher’s Comment: In, in, in, in…. or, or, or, ah…. Notice he doesn’t answer the question. On his blog, he says one. Also, more than one: “Amateur Husky Rescue In Canada Kills Puppies During Rescue.” One, many, who knows really. All that’s clear is that I wouldn’t trust Jeromie Williams to run anything, let alone handle donations for legitimate animal rescue organizations.

Female Animal Rescuer:Oh you do, eh?

Jeromie: Yes. I do. I know everything. So what I’m telling you is, it’s in your best interest to drop this bullshit scam you guys are doing, take the $1,700, and shut the fuck up, and go away. Because you’re not going to win, and you’re going to lose, because I have all the information.

Topher’s Comment: Compare to the advice of “Stephen Equality” (a confirmed Jeromie sock puppet) to Kim Johnston back in December: “do the right thing here and stop making up crazy shit… Your best move now, is to remove your comments, and walk away.”

Female Animal Rescuer:You do. It’s wonderful to know that you have all the information.

Jeromie: And you don’t even know what I have.

Female Animal Rescuer:The thing is…

Jeromie: You don’t even know what I have.

Female Animal Rescuer:Well, you don’t know what we also have more information on you too Jeromie.

Male Animal Rescuer:[laughs]

Jeromie: No, there’s nothing to have on me. You guys know, you guys know it’s all fucking smoke and mirrors bullshit. You have [unintelligible] up that crazy blog people wrote about me. Good for you. Wow. But I have information from someone who is in your core members, [unintelligible] sending me e-mails, showing me pictures, and sending me e-mails… [unintelligible]. I know everything. So, I would suggest you take down that little site about ChipIn-ing, I would suggest that you guys swallow your pride, and stop trying to scam me and Pet Pardons, stop… [unintelligible] first donors to give $500 to the cause. That $1,000 that came from, not from… [unintelligible] was part of that money [unintelligible] and she’s desperate for money. So, that’s what it comes down to in the end. Really, that’s what it comes down to, is… I’ve got all the info. I’ve got you guys lined up in my sights. I’m giving you the opportunity to help yourself, and just drop all the bullshit, and just take what’s owed to you, and go off into the sunset. I also know who the guy is. And I also know where he, where the, the, the dog [unintelligible] and I have his address [unintelligible] fucking adopt [unintelligible] …

Topher’s Comment: Firstly, it’s rather incredible to see Jeromie Williams threaten these animal rescuers using this terminology, as the Pet Advocates Network has noted: “This is particularly disturbing as this violent term alludes to shooting a target with a gun. It is also a hunter’s term, ironic since [Pet Pardons] is ostensibly against hunting.” Secondly, note that Jeromie is accusing OSD of scamming him, whilst he is, in fact, scamming them, or more accurately, his own donors, who thought they were donating to OSD.

Female Animal Rescuer:Okay, um.

Jeromie: [unintelligible] I’m still getting [unintelligible] death threats.

Female Animal Rescuer:Well, I know you’re wanted by the SQ for uttering threats, and so because…

Jeromie: I’m not… [unintelligible] anybody…

Female Animal Rescuer:You are wanted by the SQ Jeromie, and I am going to place a cease and desist on you for uttering threats, and harassing me.

Jeromie: But I’m not uttering [unintelligible] and I haven’t… [unintelligible]

Female Animal Rescuer:You’re not uttering threats? Please.

Jeromie: I’m not uttering threats. I’m telling you the facts, I’m telling you that…

Female Animal Rescuer:Well I’m telling you the facts too, that you are telling me to do stuff, and, “or else,” and that’s a threat.

Jeromie: [unintelligible]

Female Animal Rescuer:You’re telling me you know where I live. What are you going to do? You’re going to come and do something to my house?

Jeromie: I’ve never done anything about your house, and you’re lying now.

Female Animal Rescuer:You start threatening me or my house or my family, that’s uttering a threat.

Jeromie: Oh my God, that’s fucking crazy [unintelligible]. Just stop the bullshit, and this all goes away, you get your [money] and you put it in your bank account, and you can go and transfer dogs to breeders as much as you want. [unintelligible]

Female Animal Rescuer:I’ve never transferred a dog to a breeder in my life. Never transferred a dog to a breeder. They have all been neutered. All of them. And so you don’t know what you’re talking about. Whoever is feeding you information is feeding you lies. And if it’s Kelly Wilson, I wouldn’t rely too much on what Kelly Wilson has to say.

[beep beep beep]

Female Animal Rescuer:He hung up on me.

As the Pet Advocates Network notes, the rescuer maintains her professional tone throughout the conversation. The contrast with Jeromie Williams is striking.

Please consider signing the online petition to demand that Jeromie Williams turn over the remaining $1,800 to the animal rescuers at OSD without any further delay.

Jeromie Williams Threatens Animal Rescuer

The Pet Advocates Network reports today that Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, has left a vile, threatening voicemail for a volunteer animal rescuer, apparently in response to a blog post questioning his outrageous behaviour, much of which has also been documented on this blog.

Ironically channeling the Australian rock group Sick Puppies, Jeromie tells the rescuer:

You’re going down. Your group is going down. One of your core members… [unintelligible] um, you don’t know who you’re dealing with actually, I have friends in the media, I have friends in the news, I have friends pretty much anywhere you can think of, and you’re going down, unless by noon tomorrow [unintelligible] you take down all the disgusting bullshit you’ve been saying about me, and my, myself, and Pet Pardons, um, because I, I have your phone, I have home address, I have your home phone number, I know exactly where you are.

I don’t know about you, but something tells me he isn’t thinking of coming over for some Kombucha tea

You may also listen to the threat for yourself:

In all seriousness, we ask that anyone involved take all possible precautions, including notifying police and obtaining a restraining order if necessary. As we have reported previously, Jeromie Williams is already under investigation by the Boulder Police Department, SPVM, and the Sûreté du Québec for stalking Kim Johnston and her young sons in Colorado. Potential charges include criminal harassment, uttering threats, and intimidation.

There is well-documented evidence of Jeromie’s previous threats throughout this site, against Kim Johnston, her sons, her dogs, Topher Mackenzie, and others. For example, see Threat 1, Threat 2, Threat 3, Threat 4, Threat 5, Threat 6, Threat 7, Threat 8, Threat 9, Threat 10, Threat 11, and Threat 12, all from Jeromie’s gmail account on January 6, 2012 (all in the span of a little over an hour). However, until now, we did not have actual audio of Jeromie making such threats.

As you may know, this blog has also previously reported on the ChipIn scams of Jeromie Williams, amongst his other illegal, fraudulent and reprehensible activities.