Jeromie Williams Literally Stumbling Around in Ghetto

This morning the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams pleaded with his Facebook friends to help him if they should see him “stumbling around” today:

Note that “Homa” is short for Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, otherwise known as the French ghetto of Montreal.

Jeromie Williams Reminds Facebook Friends That He’s Available for Booty Calls

If you’re looking for a male prostitute and find that a sex site has crashed, don’t worry!

Jeromie Williams would like to remind you that there are several other options to choose from:

Oh, and don’t forget to indicate your pants preference, post-haste!

Merry Christmas!

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams marked Christmas by celebrating the 20 year anniversary of his estrangement from his family:  

Anyone curious what Jeromie’s idea of personal dignity entails should be reminded that he spent the previous Christmas, in December 2013, operating an illegal bawdy house in Ottawa and abusing a pet cat.

Jeromie Williams “Going to the RCMP” (Again)

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams once again used Twitter to warn that I am an “extremely dangerous” person, and “any contact” with me could result in “harmful damage”:

He also claimed that he’s “meeting with the RCMP in a few weeks,” presumably to report me for “stalking and harassing” him (i.e. publishing information about his many crimes):

Casual readers might wonder why, if I have been “stalking and harassing” Jeromie for “over two years,” he is only going to meet with the RCMP “in a few weeks.”

Regular readers might recall, to take only a few examples, that:

That’s a lot of police reports! Or, to be more precise, a lot of lies.

For the record, I suspect that Jeromie has not, and will not, go to the RCMP for two very simple reasons:

  • Unlike Jeromie, I have committed no crimes. As we have explained so many times, there’s a huge difference between (a) criminal harassment, and (b) commenting on matters of public importance, or exposing serious criminal activities, as this site does.
  • Going to the RCMP could draw their attention to Jeromie’s rather long list of suspected crimes, including, but not limited to, criminal harassment, uttering threats, intimidation, cruelty to animals, fraud, embezzlement, theft, mischief, mischief in relation to data, prostitution, keeping a bawdyhouse, possession of a controlled substance (crystal methamphetamine, cocaine), possession and distribution of child pornography, and various violations of the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U.S.C. § 1030) and U.S. state laws.

Of course, if Jeromie ever does give me a name or contact information for the officer(s) he’s claimed, at various times, to be dealing with, I’ll be happy to post a correction here.

Along with the officer’s contact info, of course, for all of Jeromie’s victims.

UPDATE (July 28, 2014): More of the same, this time to “Social Media Strategist” Karen Geier:

Now Sleeping in Park, Jeromie Williams Continues Harassment Campaign

On Sunday, we reported that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams had been evicted, and was now “officially homeless,” and sleeping on a friend’s couch. (Also, he called his friend a “lazy fuck” because he expected Jeromie to wash his own dishes.)

Amazingly, Jeromie managed to find yet another friend willing to offer up their couch for a few days. This time, he complained that he had to wait outside “for two hours at the place [he’s] crashing at on the floor waiting to be let in,” and that waiting for two hours is somehow “worse than being homeless”:

One of his friends, Greg Johnstone, pointed out that while the situation might not be ideal, “it is not worse than being in a park.”

Luckily for Jeromie, he would not have to wait long to discover that for himself:

Regardless, we have received reports that even now, homeless and sleeping in a park, Jeromie continues one of his latest harassment campaigns, this time against his former roommates:

“Jeromie Williams [is a] thief and a male prostitute who prostituted himself illegally … out of his unpaid subleased room, is now apparently threatening his ex-roommates … causing them so much trouble. he has invented all illegal things that they haven’t done and has filed complain[ts] against them. Meanwhile he is pretending … they have stolen his property. This person is very dangerous and is illegal sc[u]m bag with gazillion miles on knowing how to scam, rip off, threaten and violate everyone. be aware.”

As we often point out on this site, Jeromie often engages in psychological projection, which means that he often accuses others of criminal behaviour that he, himself, is guilty of (such as stealing property). Not only did he fail to pay his rent, for example, we know that he failed to pay for household items like dish soap and toilet paper.

Of course, it is unpleasant to admit you are a thief, fraud, or liar, so Jeromie lives in denial, constantly projecting his worst qualities, and latest crimes, onto other people.

Jeromie Williams Evicted, Now “Officially Homeless”

As we anticipated, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams was evicted from his apartment a week ago for a variety of reasons, including failure to pay his rent, and stealing the property of his roommates, including (but not limited to) dish soap and toilet paper. Of course, on Facebook, Jeromie’s “get out of the house” eviction became a “get out of your own house vacation” on his friend’s couch.

In only a few days, he proceeded to make a giant mess, which he refused to clean up. On Facebook, of course, he cleaned up like a “maid” (or, if you don’t believe that, a “little mouse”).

When his friend texted him from work to ask if he could “take care of the dishes before you go” Jeromie erupted on Facebook in yet another masterpiece of psychological projection, calling his friend, who had generously allowed Jeromie to stay with him, a “lazy fuck who doesn’t want to deal with the nasty mess they made”:

In the end, Jeromie cleaned only half the dishes:

After only one week, it appears that Jeromie has entirely exhausted his supply of friends who might be willing to let him sleep on their couch for a few days. He is “officially homeless”:

As Michael Stratulak pointed out, Jeromie presumably meant “for all intents and purposes,” not “for all intensive purposes.” That’s a rather embarrassing mistake to make for someone who constantly complains that, “as a writer an editor, it pisses [him] off that jobs are filled by people who don’t know how to write”:

At least Jeromie is not one of them.