Jeromie Williams Threatened to “Cut” “F***ing B****” and “Throw her to the Dogs”

As we have previously reported on this blog, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams has a long history of cheating in the Chase Community Giving contest to misdirect much-needed charity dollars away from legitimate groups, and towards the dubious “charities” run by his friends, including Ashley Owen Hill and Pippa Jackson.

The new site Animal Rescue Fraud of Mississippi reveals that he did this by smearing legitimate charities in the contest, such as Community Animal Rescue & Adoption (CARA):

“Elizabeth Pippa Jackson set about to willfully harm CARA in the Chase Community Giving Competition. She conspired with her associate Jerome Williams to pay for fake votes for CARA’s entry and then report those fake votes to Chase, framing CARA as cheaters and making fake stories for the media. This was all done not just to simply harm CARA’s chance of winning and increase her own chance, but to irreparably harm CARA’s reputation and cause them to lose supporters and donors.”

Jeromie also targeted United Sikhs in Service of America, a New York City-based and United Nations-affiliated charity that provides humanitarian relief in disadvantaged communities across the world. In keeping with his long history of anti-Asian bigotry, Jeromie conspired with Pippa Jackson to try to “knock out the Sikhs”:

A few months later, Pippa unfriended Jeromie on Facebook, apparently afraid that her association with him would be discovered, or simply tired of his incessant begging for money and plane tickets, or some combination of the two.

Jeromie’s reaction is typical:

  • He calls her a “f***ing b****”

  • He says he will “throw here [sic.] to the DOGS!” (an interesting thing to say for someone who has claimed to be involved in dog rescue charity work)

  • He makes other threats of violence: “I’MA COME DOWN TO [MISSISSIPPI] AND CUT HER!”

It is worth mentioning, once again, that due to Jeromie’s various frauds, an incredible amount of money has been misdirected away from legitimate animal charities, towards fake “charities” that do little or nothing to actually help animals.

Ashley Owen Hill, who won $100,000 after receiving thousands of suspicious votes, now appears to be simply paying herself that money, while Pippa’s facility has long been notorious for poor conditions, including inadequate roofing, water leaks, mud and feces in kennels, with dogs outside in freezing temperatures, no fresh water, minimal vetting being performed on the animals, unaltered dogs being kept together in the same pens with puppies resulting, and even dog fighting.

Jeromie Williams: “It’s Okay to Call Elisa Chan a Chink”

I’m basically speechless, but, for the record, no, Jeromie Williams, it’s not okay to call anyone a “chink.” Ever.

As we have noted previously, Jeromie has a long history of posting xenophobic screeds against various other races, including Asians. His most Sinophobic posts fearmongered about poison dog food from China, while his many Nipponophobic posts have fearmongered about killer radiation from Japan, based on the Fukushima hoax.

Pet Pardons Incites More Hatred, Racism, Xenophobia, and Death Threats

Sahar BiniazIt is with sadness and regret that I must once again point out that Pet Pardons has incited hatred and death threats, this time against Iranian Canadian actress and Miss Universe Canada 2012, Sahar Biniaz (right).

Ms. Biniaz, who was attacked by a pit bull when she was 14, has apparently called for more strict regulations on pit bulls in British Columbia:

Miss Universe Canada has joined the fight for a pit bull ban in B.C., and plans to make the effort a major part of her reign.

Sahar Biniaz, 26, was crowned Miss Universe Canada on May 19, and thinks the provincial government should adopt either a pit bull ban or at least require that pit bulls must be leashed and muzzled at all times.

The Richmond resident was a victim of a pit bull attack herself at the age of 14, a year after her family adopted a five-month-old pit bull from a breeder.

The pit bull “came from a really nice environment,” she said, but “then I ended up getting 16 stitches.” Biniaz still bears the scars on her chest to this day.

“I was just sitting down and it just kept staring at me, and I don’t know what aggravated it,” she said. “It just all of sudden … went off.”

In a post on September 5, Pet Pardons called for Miss Universe Canada to rescind its award. Once again, however, many of those who commented went further.

Many called for her to be “banned,” “leashed” and “muzzled” as well, and most called her an “ugly” “bitch,” “whore,” “skank,” “douche bag,” or some combination of these insults. Some posted hateful comments about Canada (“F*CK CANADA”) and Islam (“F*CK ISLAM”), or told her to go back to India or Iran. Eva Betances expressed a desire to kill her in a “gass chamber” if she continues to express her opinion.

Here is a representative sample of the comments:

By my count, in just the last month, Pet Pardons has incited hatred and death threats against Fairfield County officials Mike Miller, Mike Kiger and Judy Shupe (based on a confirmed hoax), against Idaho hunter Dennis Brent Sawyer (based on a picture), and now Ms. Biniaz.

Again, this comes as no surprise, as Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, and Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News, has a well-documented history of stalking, harassment and death threats against women, children and their pet dogs, for which he is currently under investigation by American and Canadian police.

Jeromie Williams Attacks Aboriginal Senator

Senator Patrick BrazeauWe were shocked and disgusted today as Jeromie Williams (Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn) attacked aboriginal Canadian senator Patrick Brazeau (pictured at right). Just 37 years old, Senator Brazeau is the youngest current Canadian senator. Ironically, he’s also roughly the same age as Jeromie Williams (who also lives in Quebec). However, unlike the unemployed Williams, who spends his time drinking Jameson Irish whiskey for lunch and stalking, harassing, and threatening women, their children, and even their pets, Senator Brazeau has led a remarkably productive and successful life.

Brazeau is the former national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, and also served with the Canadian Forces Maritime Command. He also recently helped to raise $230,000 for cancer research (sadly he lost his mother to the disease).

So, what does Jeromie Williams have to say about Senator Brazeau?

In other words, that he’s a fraud artist, who scams people out of their hard-earned money.

What makes this all the more remarkable, and hilarious, is Jeromie’s own history as a fraud artist, who scams people out of their hard-earned money.

When Senator Brazeau raised that $230,000, did he keep a third of it for himself, as “administration fees,” like Jeromie did in the OSD case? No.

Did he threaten the cancer research group with violence when they asked for their money, as Jeromie did in the OSD case? No.

We could continue, but you get the idea.