Jeromie Williams Reminds Facebook Friends That He’s Available for Booty Calls

If you’re looking for a male prostitute and find that a sex site has crashed, don’t worry!

Jeromie Williams would like to remind you that there are several other options to choose from:

Oh, and don’t forget to indicate your pants preference, post-haste!

Jeromie Williams Cyberbullies Young Gay Men

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams attempted to patronise a young man:

“Congratulations, you’re chatting with a social media specialist, who’s going to give you a piece of advice about sharing photos: One of the most attractive things that any person can have, is confidence in themselves…”

The man’s response is magnificent, and it is our Quote of the Month:

“Haha a self-proclaimed specialist? Alas, your over exposed and filtered photo is supposed to disguise your aging face? … Quit taking this so seriously and using pseudo-intellectual language to alienate and cyber bully young gay men … If this is your field of expertise, then that’s a sad reality for a 38 year old man. You should have mastered more skills by now.”

Here is the exchange in full:

Jeromie Williams Spends Last $10 on Pringles and Sour Cream

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams, apparently left with only “ten dollars in the whole world,” decided to spend it on Pringles and sour cream:

At least he didn’t spend his last $10 on crystal meth.

UPDATE: Mystery solved?

Merry Christmas!

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams marked Christmas by celebrating the 20 year anniversary of his estrangement from his family:  

Anyone curious what Jeromie’s idea of personal dignity entails should be reminded that he spent the previous Christmas, in December 2013, operating an illegal bawdy house in Ottawa and abusing a pet cat.

Jeromie Williams “Going to the RCMP” (Again)

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams once again used Twitter to warn that I am an “extremely dangerous” person, and “any contact” with me could result in “harmful damage”:

He also claimed that he’s “meeting with the RCMP in a few weeks,” presumably to report me for “stalking and harassing” him (i.e. publishing information about his many crimes):

Casual readers might wonder why, if I have been “stalking and harassing” Jeromie for “over two years,” he is only going to meet with the RCMP “in a few weeks.”

Regular readers might recall, to take only a few examples, that:

That’s a lot of police reports! Or, to be more precise, a lot of lies.

For the record, I suspect that Jeromie has not, and will not, go to the RCMP for two very simple reasons:

  • Unlike Jeromie, I have committed no crimes. As we have explained so many times, there’s a huge difference between (a) criminal harassment, and (b) commenting on matters of public importance, or exposing serious criminal activities, as this site does.
  • Going to the RCMP could draw their attention to Jeromie’s rather long list of suspected crimes, including, but not limited to, criminal harassment, uttering threats, intimidation, cruelty to animals, fraud, embezzlement, theft, mischief, mischief in relation to data, prostitution, keeping a bawdyhouse, possession of a controlled substance (crystal methamphetamine, cocaine), possession and distribution of child pornography, and various violations of the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U.S.C. § 1030) and U.S. state laws.

Of course, if Jeromie ever does give me a name or contact information for the officer(s) he’s claimed, at various times, to be dealing with, I’ll be happy to post a correction here.

Along with the officer’s contact info, of course, for all of Jeromie’s victims.

UPDATE (July 28, 2014): More of the same, this time to “Social Media Strategist” Karen Geier: