Quotes About Jeromie

The internet has a funny way of remembering things.”

Jeromie Williams

“I’m so glad you have this site and keep up with the things that Jeromie Williams does to people. I wish I had seen your site before hiring him, and I wish I had listened to you when you approached me with this information. I think it’s very important that someone is documenting this stuff. Maybe me sharing my experience with you will help someone else from getting hurt and having their websites and businesses compromised. I hope no one else ever has to go through having themselves or their staff harassed as I have by Jeromie Williams. Anyone who wishes to contact me to verify that these are my words or to ask other questions about Jeromie Williams can do so at tiffany_willis@yahoo.com.”

-Editor-in-Chief of LiberalAmerica.org, Tiffany Willis

“It then links to a website belonging to a Jeromie Williams, nutjob and liar par excellence … that e-mail is a lie. Jeromie Williams is a liar. The article he wrote is a lie, based on a fake map that he lied about. This is worse than playing the lottery. At least in a lottery, you have a shot at getting it right.”

Dr. Adrian Wong

“Pet Pardons is nothing but a front for a select group of greedy, manipulative people who care more about fattening their wallets than they ever will about any animal in distress…

Toronto Pet Daily

“I have a very hard time believing that [Jeromie]’s ‘science’ is anything worth even bothering to investigate, let alone believe. He’s a fraud, an embezzler, a liar, and someone prone to threatening people who disagree with him. I’m not really worried about anything he tries to claim is a threat.”


“[P]rofessional journalists must subscribe to a strict ethical code & be accredited, which Jeromie is not.”

Ashton Isht

“Jeromie. Seems like you make stuff up just for views and attention…

Ryan Kramer

“The article is pure character assassination. Jeromie Williams may like to think he ‘eats the Internet for breakfast,’ but he’s clearly more interested in gossip and scandal than anything resembling the truth. If nothing else, it doesn’t look like he did any homework.”

Dusten Carlson, Social News Daily

“As a social media manager myself, I can predict Jeromie Williams won’t be in his job very longhe thinks he knows everything, but is clearly mistaken.

John Gideon Howard

“[Jeromie] seems to make money off the back of poor helpless dogs and the sweat off volunteers backs. POS is what he is — I [am] embarrassed he is Canadian.

Terri Purti

“This guy..Jeromie Williams is a fraud and a bully. Fact.”

Baudi Moovan

“How horrible! I pledge to chip-in’s all the time. This money was raised to help those Husky’s, not for your greedy little hands.

Elizabeth Groneman

“I am outraged that people make money on the back of dogs in need…..! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP…..SHAME ON YOU PET PARDONS…..!”

Murielle Clement

“Come on Jeromie Williams hand over the money. Why are you doing this to the animals? Your nothing but a thief and crook.

JoAnn Harris

“All I can say is you have irrevocably damaged your Pet Pardons program. Now that this is out there, you can kiss your donations goodbye as who is going to donate to a bunch of people who steal from the animals they purport to save?

Allie Tennant

“Okay, what we have here are some SOBs that want to profit off of humans that actually care about the the welfare of animals, in this case, Husky sled dogs. I do not give a damn whether Jeromie Williams organized this ChipIn within his role as Director or Pet Pardons organized it. Both names are associated with it on their Facebook page. What an absolute bunch of morons. Pet Pardons has to have faces behind the name. Right now that name and those faces are both represented by cheaters, liars and frauds. Take the SOBs to court and put them in jail. Better yet, tie the jerks to dog sleds and let them pull the sleds around Alaska for a few months.”

Jackie Davis

“I am signing this petition because I believe that by not turning over all of the donations raised to OSD, laws were broken, if not than at the least moral and ethical obligations. I was raised that if you say you are going to do something, you do it. You are only as good as your word. And right now, Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams word says a whole lot about them. Its not good.

Amy Falls

“Jeromie Williams owes Operation Sled Dogs $2180.84. Yeah, he sure is working hard to help animals in need! By pocketing their donation money…? Seriously? Jeromie’s behavior regarding this is deplorable, disgraceful, and he should be ashamed. Anyone defending him needs to do their research! Threatening people who ask you to pay the money you owe? Real professional. Pet Pardons president needs to act now. It is really bad PR for Pet Pardons. I donate locally, it is all I can afford, but based on recent events I would never trust Pet Pardons to get my money to the right place.”

Zoe Gourdie

“Is there, ultimately, NO ONE to trust??? As long as Jeromie Williams is listed on the Pet Pardons masthead, the affiliation is undeniable, making Chris Hoar equally culpable and utterly unable to deny responsibility for this disgusting turn of events. We have yet to hear you repudiate the outrageous, threatening phone calls made by this foolish man. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU for betraying your mission and those who gave what little they have. You not only demean yourselves and the generous people who donated but, even worse, revictimize the animals. Truly a sad reflection on all associated with Pet Pardons and an epic disappointment. You have lost many friends as a result of this vile experience; it vitiates whatever good you may have done and leaves us with the image of you as merely another group perverted by self-importance and self-interest. For $2200 you have destroyed your own reputation; a very poor exchange, indeed.”

Cathy Karr

Unethical and despicable behaviour by Jeromie Williams and yes, Pet Pardons should be held accountable for their employee’s/Directors’ activities especially given Pet Pardons promoted the ChipIn for OSD on their facebook page.”

Suzanne Rowley

Abused animals and those who rescue them have it hard enough without someone getting their dirty little hands in the money jar and refusing to give ALL OF IT it to whom they pledged they would.”

Linda Amundson

“Pet Pardons needs to take a more active role in correcting this situation. They have their name on this fraudulent Chip- In, their reputation is going to suffer. They need to sever ties immediately with Jeromie Williams and all funds raised need to be sent to OSD.

Erica Podjasek

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