Jeromie Williams Implicated in Extortion, Cat Abuse, Running Bawdy House, Theft, Criminal Harassment, Etc.

On Sunday, we revealed that not only is the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams a crystal meth addict (which explains the premature greying shown at right), but he is a male prostitute, as well.

One of Jeromie’s former friends, Heather Jay, recently contacted us with yet another Jeromie Williams horror story.

It begins in 2008, when Jeromie befriended her on Facebook. They were both from Vancouver, and both moved east. (Heather, a massage therapist, enrolled in a message therapy program in Ottawa.)

She appreciated certain advice her offered on a personal matter, and over the next several years, he slowly gained her trust, only to abuse it in the most spectacular fashion, just as we have come to expect from Jeromie Williams.

Jeromie promised to perform social media work for her in exchange for almost $2,000, but, as usual, he never delivered.

Heather explains:

“I am a very loving and giving person. I help those that I can ( or did until now) and have been very generous to those I love and respect and my nature is very forgiving. To my own detriment it now seems. Jeromie certainly took advantage of this trait of mine and managed to collect nearly 2000$ out of me with promises to work my social media but every time I asked him to start he always gave me some excuse and never answered me back.”

This, of course, is typical for Jeromie, who took thousands of dollars meant for animal rescue, and very likely spent it on crystal meth. In turn, he used his crystal meth addiction as an excuse to explain his various disgusting behaviour at, but his excuses — everything from a bad breakup to a broken condom and an AIDS test — literally never end.

As Kim Johnston wrote, he is useless:

Jeromie regularly begged for more (as usual), but there came a point when Heather, a mother of four young boys, simply needed her money back, and Jeromie responded that he is “living off of raman noodles and potatoes right now.” He explained he was sorry he “slammed [her] into a corner” and felt “horrible that I can’t make good on what I owe you right now,” since he didn’t even have rent money yet for November:

Readers of this blog will recall that last November, Jeromie told Tiffany Willis he was having financial troubles because he had spent his rent money on crystal meth. Heather’s money, likewise, had probably gone to one drug dealer or another. The drugs, Jeromie explained, “weren’t a factor in me spending money on them instead of necessities. I simply partook with other people.” (In lieu of money, Jeromie apparently offered Heather a job at

Since it was obvious Jeromie was never going to either pay her back or perform the work he had promised, Heather reasoned, maybe she could get him to do something else. She was going away for three weeks over the holidays, and she needed someone to look after her cat. Also, having someone in the house might discourage (other) thieves.

Not to mention that Jeromie was perennially in trouble in Montreal (possibly for stealing and/or not paying for drugs), and repeatedly begged Heather to help him leave the city (“my life depends on me getting out of Montreal…“).

So, unfortunately, she asked Jeromie to housesit for her in Ottawa. Instead of giving him yet more cash (as he asked for), she paid for his VIA Rail ticket from Montreal, and bought him food for the three weeks he would be in Ottawa:

(For more on Jeromie’s “friends” in Ottawa, see #3 below.)

Jeromie neglected, starved and/or abused her cat.

Not surprisingly, Jeromie failed utterly at the one specific task Heather left for him: taking care of her two-year-old cat, Mau-Mau.

Before she left, she carefully labeled three cases of cat food, one for each week she would be away, and left detailed instructions for Jeromie.

When she returned home three weeks later, Mau-Mau was starving, and nearly all the cat food was left in the cupboard. Only four cans (from the first case) had been used. “My cat was so skinny when I arrived home and ate for almost 6 days constantly,” Heather explained, “I didn’t sleep for days.”

Even more troubling, Heather explains,

“She had a patch of fur that looked like it was ripped out and her eye looked wonky for nearly 3 weeks. She hid for nearly 2 weeks and would only come out to eat. She normally is at my side at all times, sleeping with me etc…since then, she had not been the same cat that I left in his care.”

For his part, Jeromie claimed that Mau-Mau ate all the food Heather had left, so he went out and bought more. (Presumably that was right after he finished building another hospital.)

Jeromie also claimed that Mau-Mau had “lost a few pounds” because she’s “getting more exercise“:

Precisely what kind of exercise we do not know, although one of our members has suggested that Jeromie may have thrown Mau-Mau in the air in an attempt to replicate images he has previously posted on his site, such as this:

As we have shown on this blog, while Jeromie masquerades as an animal rights activist, he actually has a long history of exploiting and defrauding animal rescuers. And now it appears that he may have actually abused, or at the very least neglected, Heather’s cat.

Our Canadian lawyer advises us that Jeromie may be guilty of cruelty to animals (causing unnecessary suffering), in violation of s. 445.1(1)(a) of the Canadian Criminal Code, which states that “Every one commits an offence who wilfully causes or, being the owner, wilfully permits to be caused unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or a bird.” Section 3 states that “For the purposes of proceedings under paragraph (1)(a), evidence that a person failed to exercise reasonable care or supervision of an animal or a bird thereby causing it pain, suffering or injury is, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, proof that the pain, suffering or injury was caused or was permitted to be caused wilfully, as the case may be.”

Jeromie turned her home into a bawdy house.

Jeromie’s ads, some of which we posted on Sunday, were for sexual services in Ms. Jay’s home last December and early January, without her knowledge or permission.

When she returned, she was shocked to find that “while he was house sitting for me at xmas [Jeromie] had gay sex EVERYWHERE in my home, sold HIS ass on craigslist out of MY fucking house…”

In fact, he even used her professional massage table to do so:

But there wasn’t anything professional about the services Jeromie actually offered:

It is illegal to keep a bawdy house in Canada. Punishment can include imprisonment for up to two years under section 210 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Jeromie “trashed” her house.

Heather explains:

“When I say my house was trashed, he didn’t make any physical damage per say, but what I came home to was this: open and used condoms under my bed, in my closet and my spare room. I’m talking a dozen or more USED condoms OMG yes! There were Empty booze bottles littered EVERYWHERE. My sheets were gone, several of them actually. They just up and disappeared they did. When i asked him, his response was, ‘I dunno, go look in the closet’. Well, I did and what I found was not my sheets but several towels and facecloths of mine with obvious semen and dark brown pubic hairs EVERYWHERE! I was mortified! I cleaned my home for 4 days before I could get the carpets cleaned, all the walls and everything washed, my entire home disinfected, I never did find my missing sheets!”


  • Spoiled and rotting food was everywhere. “It was fucking sick,” Heather explains. “My house stunk. HE stunk.”
  • Grease was all over her kitchen floor, cupboards, fridge, stove, and dishwasher. Heather says that “I’d never seen so much grease!”
  • Mysterious black streaks were all over her walls, which had to be repainted.
  • Mysterious red stains were on her carpets, which had to be cleaned.
  • Various filth covered the upholstery on her furniture as well, which had to be cleaned. “He would sneeze and it would just fly EVERYWHERE!” Heather concluded “His [hygiene] is deplorable! His manners non existent.”
  • Three weeks worth of flyers were “tossed haphazardly in the middle of [her] foyer/entrance,” not recycled as she had asked.

Also, she found that her garage was filled with “34 industrial drum sized garbage bags.” Though Heather had left a note about garbage days in Orleans, Jeromie had apparently never managed to take out the garbage.

Heather told Jeromie to leave, and he returned to Montreal by VIA Rail on January 5, 2014.

Unfortunately, her troubles with Jeromie Williams were only just beginning. Since she had confided in him for several years, he knew personal details about her life and her family that he would now use against her.

Jeromie tried to extort $50 (fifty dollars) from Heather.

Jeromie had finally offered to repay Heather $50 on New Year’s Eve, apparently whilst writing a long and bizarre email to a man he had assaulted.

Keep $50,” he said, “and have a beer on me.” A week later, he demanded the $50 back:

However, given what Heather had found in her home when she returned, and given the amount Jeromie still owed her, she was not inclined to give him anything.

In a classic bit of psychological projection, Jeromie then accused Heather of theft, and “making up excuses” to avoid paying. The opposite was, of course, the truth. (Jeromie also demanded that VIA Rail reimburse him for his train ticket.)

At this point, Heather reminded Jeromie that extortion is illegal, and she asked for an explanation of the craigslist and backpage ads that Jeromie had posted advertising sexual services in her home, and without her permission.

But in typical, disgusting fashion, Jeromie continued to threaten her. In particular:

  • He threatened to slander her throughout the media, as he has done so many times before. (If you want to hear audio of him making a similar threat to another woman, please click here.)
  • He threatened to report her residence as a bawdy house (which he had turned it into!) to Ottawa police, explicitly in order to harm her legitimate massage therapy business.
  • He threatened to cause trouble for her boyfriend and his family, by exposing private and personal information about their relationship.

Here is a typical e-mail:

The first sentence is yet another masterpiece of psychological projection. It was not Heather, of course, who set up any fake accounts…

Jeromie stole private pictures of Heather, and posted them online to slander her as a prostitute.

In January, we posted evidence that Jeromie had stolen an email archive from founder Tiffany Willis, violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the process.

He continued this behaviour in Ottawa, apparently, where he stole pictures off of Heather’s computer, and even one of her Facebook group accounts (now defunct, it was appropriately titled “The Douche Bag Chronicles”).

There, for all her friends to see, he slandered her as a prostitute:


Jeromie also contacted her friends, and suggested they look in the “hooker section” of Craigslist. There, of course, he had posted a series of ads using the stolen pictures. Heather contacted Craigslist immediately to get the ads taken down, but Jeromie’s “campaign” against her had only just begun.

Jeromie threatened Heather’s friends.

Not surprisingly, Heather’s friends did not appreciate messages from Jeromie slandering their friend.

When they objected to Jeromie’s behaviour, he harassed and threatened them, too:

In case anyone is curious what actual “death threats on the internet” look like, it’s probably something like this:

Or perhaps this (audio), this (audio), or this, or, well, you get the idea. Yet in Jeromie’s warped mind, his criminal behaviour is simply projected onto other people, like Colleen, or Tiffany Willis, or Kim Johnston, or the animal rescuers at Operation Sled Dogs, or, well, me. He has threatened all of us (and more) with jail (or worse), and/or inclusion in his police reports.

Here is a threat Jeromie sent my way after I exposed some of his frauds in January 2012:

Not surprisingly, the police are generally more interested in investigating Jeromie’s various criminal activities than in doing the bidding of a crystal meth addicted male prostitute criminal fraud artist who is desperately trying to silence his victims on the internet, lest he be exposed for what he actually is.

Jeromie harassed Heather’s boyfriend.

In the interests of privacy, we will not publish any details here.

This man and his family are yet more innocent victims of the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams.

Jeromie stole explicit pictures of Heather and sent them to her 15-year-old son.

Heather could not believe even Jeromie would do such a thing: “He sent my 15 year old son the link to this page and has traumatized him so much! My son had already ‘liked’ my page and so Jeromie was free to send him the link! My 15 year old son!”

Heather is despondent: “I’m totally distraught and devastated beyond belief.”

There’s not much more we can say about this, except perhaps this: To our knowledge, no one has ever been harmed by overestimating the utter depravity of Jeromie Williams.

Nor is this the first time that he has targeted children. He posted pictures of Kim Johnston’s 15-year-old son on his blog, and implied he might show up at his school. Jeromie also threatened him (and her, and her other two sons) with deportation to Australia:

During another recent Jeromie Williams harassment campaign (this time against Tiffany Willis), Jeromie also sent vile pictures to several employees of, which we suspect may include child pornography. Not surprisingly, Jeromie has gained something of a reputation as a danger to children.

But equally, he’s a danger to adults:

Jeromie likely spiked Heather’s drink in order to steal $300 from her in August 2012.

Before any of the events above happened, Heather met Jeromie in person for the first time in August 2012. She had recently moved to Ottawa from Vancouver, and she decided to take a trip out to Montreal. Needless to say, the trip did not go as planned.

Firstly, Heather witnessed Jeromie snorting various drugs, including cocaine and/or crystal meth (we are reliably informed that Jeromie abuses both).

Secondly, “Jeromie was acting very weird that night and kept insisting that I ‘drink up’ and I thought it was just to get the party started.” In hindsight, Heather suspects that his reasons were far more sinister, because of what happened next:

  • After only 15 minutes, “I all of a sudden felt so sick and heavy and weird and wobbly and disorientated beyond belief and I could barely move.” Also: “I started to feel fuzzy. Heavy and groggy and wanted to sleep right here. I hadn’t even finished my first drink. Jeromie was just sitting there smiling at me and I thought that was weird.”
  • Jeromie’s “personality became very aggressive shortly after and he even grabbed my arm roughly to push me over so a guy could use my chair…it was a total woman hating move for sure.”
  • The $300 she was carrying with her went missing sometime that night.

Afterwards, Jeromie “frantically” denied drugging her, and she ultimately decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, which, obviously, he never deserved.

We have been advised that Heather’s drink was likely spiked with a very large dose of a date rape drug such as GHB, or gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, which Jeromie would have easily been able to obtain from one of his cocaine or crystal meth dealers.

One of Heather’s friends, who was there that night, apparently suspected Jeromie immediately:

Jeromie later confessed to an addiction to crystal meth, just as he had done to Tiffany Willis:

But, of course, he denied he was on meth when she visited Montreal:

Sadly, “stop lying” is not something anyone can reasonably expect from a pathological liar like Jeromie Williams.

This criminal activity, in its entirety, has been reported to the Ottawa Police Service.

Heather, distraught over this whole ordeal, has ended her relationship with her boyfriend, and decided to transfer back into a massage therapy program in British Columbia.

The Hoaxes of Jeromie Williams

As we continue to update our sites on the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams, one of our longtime members suggested that we compile a list of the hoaxes he has perpetrated in recent years. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we will continue to update it, but here are the top ten, or at least, the first ten hoaxes of Jeromie Williams that we have listed:

  1. The Theft Hoax: Shortly after he was fired on December 5, 2013, by the Editor-in-Chief of, Tiffany Willis, for inappropriate behaviour, Jeromie tried to “get back at” her by accusing her of theft. Specifically, he claimed that he “designed, was never paid for, and gave no permission for them to use” the logo. The truth is that a professional designed the logo, was paid, and gave permission, and Jeromie’s input into the process was negligible. He continues to make threats and demand payment for work he never performed.
  2. The Fukushima Radiation Hoax: On April 12, 2013, Jeromie began writing a series of posts that urged everyone to “freak out” about radiation from Fukushima, Japan. He proceeded to try to scare people in North America into thinking their food and water is unsafe, and into buying $350 water filtration systems (from which Jeromie would be paid a $50 commission) so they could “wash [their] food with soap and rinse it in filtered water.” Ultimately, this nonsense has been discredited by everyone from the Nashville Public Policy Examiner to Dr. Adrian Wong, who declared that “Jeromie Williams is a liar. The article he wrote is a lie, based on a fake map that he lied about. This is worse than playing the lottery. At least in a lottery, you have a shot at getting it right.”
  3. The Cleveland “Dogs Tied to Train Tracks” Hoax: On August 16, 2012, Jeromie published and promoted a Cayr Ariel Wulff story about “three dogs that were tied to a train track near Scranton Rd. on Cleveland’s west side leaving two dogs dead, and one traumatized.” Again, it was all a lie. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that “Police have determined that no dogs were killed Aug. 10 while tied to railroad tracks in the Tremont neighborhood.”
  4. The Fairfield “Burning Dogs Alive” Hoax: In August 2012, Jeromie edited, published, and promoted a series of articles by Wulff that falsely alleged that the Fairfield County Dog Shelter near Lancaster, Ohio, was burning dogs alive. The Ohio SPCA and the local paper, the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, reported that there was no evidence to support this, and one of Wulff’s “sources” subsequently admitted that it was all just a hoax. Still, it resulted in many death threats against shelter and county officials Mike Miller, Mike Kiger and Judy Shupe.
  5. The Operation Sled Dogs “Killing Puppies” Hoax: After Jeromie was exposed as a thief and embezzler for withholding thousands of dollars from the Canadian animal rescue group Operation Sled Dogs, he wrote a disgusting article slandering the group, accusing them of “kill[ing] puppies,” and included a picture of a dog in a garbage bag. (While one dog was euthanized, there was never any suggestion of negligence, let alone intentionally “killing puppies,” on the part of the group.)
  6. The Nathan Kotylak Plea Bargain Hoax (Part II): On December 22, 2011, Jeromie published an article about a fake plea bargain for Nathan Kotylak, the notorious Vancouver rioter, which would allow him to escape charges entirely. However, there was no plea bargain, and, in fact, Kotylak was charged a few days later, on December 27. Jeromie claimed, falsely, that his source had been a USCIS agent, and then (when caught in a lie) claimed that it was Kim Johnston. He was fired by the shortly thereafter for fabricating events, people, and even supposed witnesses to serious crimes in his articles. He later called the Examiner a Third World sweat shop and continued to lie about Nathan Kotylak.
  7. The Nathan Kotylak Plea Bargain Hoax (Part I): In an appearance on Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network on November 2, 2011, Jeromie claimed that Nathan Kotylak was charged, but only with participating in a riot (not arson), despite the fact that he was caught, on tape, torching a police car. He described this decision as “mind-bloggling” and then attacked the Vancouver Police Department. However, no riot-related charges were approved until a month later, on November 30, and Nathan Kotylak was not charged until December 27. Jeromie simply made up a series of damning facts in order to get on television (now featured prominently on Jeromie’s CV on his site).
  8. The Shelly Comeon Hoax: In late 2011, Jeromie wrote a series of articles about “Shelly Comeon,” a Montreal woman who supposedly created the Facebook group 100,000 strong to ban Nathan Kotylak from the Canada Olympic team. He even “interviewed” her. The only problem is that she doesn’t exist. “Shelly Comeon” is one of Jeromie’s sock puppet accounts.
  9. The Chelsea Bossons Assault Witness Hoax: On July 24, 2011, Jeromie published an article about a fake witness, that implicated an Asian man, Ash Gayat, in breaking the jaw of his girlfriend, 17-year-old Chelsea Bossons, during the Vancouver riot. The witness did not exist, and Gayat was innocent. To say nothing of the impact on this young woman, her family, her boyfriend, his family, and so on, this caused great trouble for the Vancouver Police Department and Crown prosecutors in British Columbia, who were stuck chasing phantom witnesses instead of the thug who actually attacked Ms. Bossons so brutally.
  10. The 2011 Canadian Election Crime Hoax: On May 2, 2011, Jeromie published an article claiming that the prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, had violated election laws by campaigning on the day of the election, and that he could be imprisoned, or have his party deregistered. One problem: campaigning on Election Day is entirely legal in Canada. Real journalists subsequently condemned Jeromie for “bogus reporting.”

Jeromie Williams Wages War on Women

WomanToday, Jeromie Williams (Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn) blogged about a very serious topic: The War on Women [screen shot]. According to Williams,

In the last two years, women in the United States have seen an incredibly alarming upswing in laws, votes and measures meant to restrict their access to cancer screenings, family planning, birth control and abortions, leaving many of those affected feeling shut out and silenced in the process.

Whether it’s the kind of sexist and crushing comments made by Rush Limbaugh about university student Sandra Fluke, or the attempts by US law makers to strip away funding state by state to organizations like Planned Parenthood or even the creation of laws that would force a woman to undergo an invasive and unnecessary transvaginal probe, one thing cannot be ignored any longer: there IS a war on women in our midst.

We’ve thought about this, and we have to agree. There is a war on women. And Jeromie Williams is leading it. That is, if you ask Kim Johnston or the women at Operation Sled Dogs, who have sought restraining orders and police protection against the Misogynist-in-Chief Williams, after he stalked, harassed, and threatened them, their children, and even their pets.

Here are ten ways Jeromie Williams makes war on women. Count down with us, or suggest your own in the comments:

10. Jeromie Williams Cyberstalks and Harasses Women Online

Dirty BoyLate last year, Jeromie demanded that Kim Johnston send himFreebies” (namely, free “Dirty Boy” facewash products) from her company, so that he could auction them off at a party on December 15, 2011 to raise money for “Carry Your Message,” another scam… er, I mean, for “developing the critical workshops and artistic networks required to spread the inspiring message of positive change.” That is, if there’s any money left after Jeromie buys lunch.

Anyway, there was one small problem: Kim Johnston never agreed to send any products. Although Jeromie’s CYM press release listed Kim’s company as a “leading corporation” that was “sponsoring” his event, this was all part of a months-long cyber-stalking, harassment, and extortion campaign. When she didn’t send the products, Jeromie attacked her savagely, calling her a “greedy bitch” and a “broke has been.” He slandered her in false Examiner stories, and he disparaged her company and her products on Twitter (yes, the very same products that he wanted her to send him for free).

Naturally, we complained to, and Jeromie was fired shortly thereafter. That’s when the death threats started…

9. Jeromie Williams Makes Violent Threats Against Women and their Families

On January 6, 2012, Jeromie bombarded Kim’s e-mail account with more than a dozen threatening e-mails, all from Jeromie’s gmail account (all in the span of a little over an hour). “[M]y ticket to Boulder is booked and I am coming for you,” he warned. “I’m coming to Colorado. I know where you are.” (“I can pinpoint your address within 50 feet.”)

He also threatened Kim’s young sons with a “campaignof terror: “Their lives are going to be fucked because of you.  Ab-so-lute-ly fucked.” And: “I know where your sons are…” As if that wasn’t enough, he also threatened Kim’s beloved dogs: “You have to go back to Boulder at some point … your dogs are thereI am coming.” (He also threatened me: “First you go down, then Topher is next. I know where both of you are, and you’re both going to get it.“)

A few short months later, after scamming a sled dog rescue group out of thousands of dollars, Jeromie was back at it, threatening women over the phone, and in voicemail messages. Once again, he told the women “You’re going down” and “I know exactly where you are.” That’s his modus operandi, it seems. And with few exceptions, the threats are all directed at women.

Audio of Jeromie’s threats has been provided by The Pet Advocates Network.

8. Jeromie Williams Calls Women Abhorrent Names

In the poem recited in Jeromie’s video, we are told “Keep your salacious, aggressive, sexist insults to yourself. I’m not listening.”

That’s ironic, because Jeromie has called Kim Johnston, the creator of this blog, a “saggy titted cunt” (among other things):

Around the same time, Jeromie apparently felt the need to tell everyone that he, on the other hand, has “great tits.”

I’m not even going to get into the vicious names Jeromie’s sock puppet accounts (Paula Neufeld and Shelly Comeon) called Kim.

But speaking of sock puppets…

7. Jeromie Williams Impersonates Women Online, Often to Attack Other (Real) Women

There is clear evidence that Jeromie Williams maintains a vast network of fake online profiles, many of them women, including:

Jeromie also created fake Twitter and Facebook accounts for “a mom and two daughters in Alaska who hoped Sarah [Palin] would run for president.”

Speaking of Sarah Palin…

6. Jeromie Williams Enjoys Killing Women With Chainsaws In Sick Video Games

Jeromie Williams supports disgusting sites like, including the vile “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” game in which players must murder a “Sarah Palin” zombie with a chainsaw.

Jeromie has described Sarah Palin as a “venomous bobble head” who is “flooding the airwaves with corporate sponsored conservative bulls***.”

But no worries, I guess, as long as Jeromie can fantasize about chopping up women in politics whenever he disagrees with them.

5. Jeromie Williams Interferes in the Investigation of Serious Crimes Against Women

As we have reported previously, Jeromie’s articles for the often involved events that never happened, people who don’t exist, and even supposed witnesses to serious crimes who do not exist, at least not outside of the imagination of Jeromie Williams.

One particularly egregious case involved a serious assault during the Vancouver riot last June. A 17-year-old girl named Chelsea Bossons had her jaw broken by an East Indian man, but Jeromie Williams made up a mysterious witness who implicated her boyfriend. We can only assume he did this to generate traffic to his (pay-per-visit) Examiner articles, collect more accolades like this, and to con his way back onto Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network (now featured prominently on Jeromie’s CV on his site).

To say nothing of the impact on this young woman, her family, her boyfriend, his family, and so on, this apparently caused great trouble for the Vancouver Police Department and Crown prosecutors in British Columbia, who were stuck chasing phantom witnesses instead of the thug who actually attacked Ms. Bossons so brutally.

4. Jeromie Williams Vows to Picket Breast Cancer Research Fundraising Events

As we have previously noted, Jeromie has pledged to “picket” the next Pink Ribbon event in Montreal. He is apparently outraged that these events, which promote breast cancer research, education, advocacy, health services and social support programs, are “not inclusive of men, transgendered and minorities.”

He is just demonstrably wrong, of course. As usual. In fact, the Susan G. Komen Foundation includes and benefits people of all races and genders through their research.

Some men wear pink ties throughout the year “to raise awareness, inspire involvement and spark conversations about the importance of breast health.” The Foundation even sells pink handguns, which have proven popular with gun enthusiasts, as well as innocent women who have been threatened by creepy cyberstalkers like Jeromie Williams.

3. Jeromie Williams Steals From Women

Though we are not certain, we suspect that Jeromie’s various ChipIn scams have disproportionately affected women. To our knowledge, for example, women run the Operation Sled Dog rescue group, and they went into significant debt in order to rescue 25 Huskies from a dog sledding company owner. When Jeromie embezzled $1,800 from the Pet Pardons ChipIn accounts set up for OSD, he was stealing from them.

He later slandered the women on his blog, accusing them of killing the dogs, or breeding the dogs, or who knows what else. Just more of the same, really.

Earlier he apparently embezzled up to $1,177 from the women at the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals in California, and up to $544 from the women at the Humane Society International in Canada.

2. Jeromie Williams Was An Internet Pornographer

While Jeromie would have you believe that he’s an anti-pornography crusader, he worked as a “Social Media Specialist” at Playboy Plus Entertainment Inc., according to his LinkedIn page. We gather he didn’t last long there.

Still, Jeromie Williams, who once complained about inappropriate images showing up on Facebook walls and news feeds in his Examiner articles, had a job where he posted those very same inappropriate images to Facebook [WARNING: Last link NSFW]. Not to mention that Jeromie also maintains an active Stickam account. This site, which the New York Times has described as “icky”, is notorious as a playground for internet predators and pedophiles.

In any case, Jeromie now openly brags about his history working for “Team Heffner” at Playboy (though he doesn’t appear to know how to spell Hefner’s name).

Of course, many women’s rights organizations argue that hardcore pornography is degrading and disrespectful to women, and lowers them back to a time when they were looked upon as mere sex objects.

Speaking of which…

1. Jeromie Williams Blogs About Shutting Young Women Up With Giant Black Penises

No kidding:

This one wins the disgusting misogynist of the year prize, I think.

As our friend Wray Smith would say, quod erat demonstrandum.

When you consider that Jeromie also has a history of calling young boysfaggy,” and attacking aboriginal Canadians, you can see the evidence is really starting to pile up: Jeromie Williams is a disgusting, thieving, misogynist bigot. No reputable organization would have anything to do with him: The Examiner, The Gaily, even Playboy… all have cut ties with him.

Incredibly, however, Jeromie continues to serve as Director of Operations at Pet Pardons Canada, despite the fact that we have posted evidence that he was breaking the organization’s rules, and stealing from various ChipIn accounts. We have also told them about all his other outrageous behaviour, some of which is listed above.

They just don’t care, which tells you all you need to know about Pet Pardons.

UPDATE (August 3, 2012): Well, if you were counting, it took only four (4) days for Jeromie Williams to threaten yet another woman. Just pathetic.

RECAP: Jeromie Williams’ Lies Exposed

Jeromie Williams Yet another former member of the group “100,000 strong to ban Nathan Kotylak from the Canada Olympic team” has stepped forward to offer evidence of logical inconsistencies in the statements of Jeromie Williams. Wray Smith, of Calgary, Alberta — a province that Mr. Williams describes as a “red neck province” — was banned from the Facebook group on Nathan Kotylak after he questioned Mr. Williams’ sources, especially in his latest articles.

Now Mr. Smith, an amateur logician, has pointed out that in Mr. Williams’ last appearance on Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network (now featured prominently on Jeromie’s CV on his site), on November 2, 2011, he made a serious of potentially contradictory statements:

A) Nathan Kotylak has been charged, but only with participating in a riot (not arson). [FALSE]
“The fact that he walks away with a simple participating in a riot charge is mind-bloggling at best.” (1:07-1:15)

B) This information did not come from the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), but from someone else. [TRUE]
“In fact the Vancouver Police Department weren’t the ones that who confimed the fact he has been charged. That came from another source.” (3:10-3:17)

C) Nathan Kotylak’s community service in the summer was voluntary. [TRUE]
“He chose to work 70 hours at two places of his choosing working in a kitchen…” (5:58-6:05)

D) He has been discussing this case with US immigration authorities. [FALSE]
“The imigration of the US I mean the US immigration athorities are looking at this case … and I have been discussing that with them.” (6:09-6:17)

E) Nathan Kotylak has not yet been charged, but will be removed from the US when he is. [TRUE (on November 2)]
“If a charge is actualy laid against him, he’ll be yanked out of California back to Canada.” (6:18-6:25)

Contradiction #1: E ⇒ ~A

Nathan Kotylak could not have been both charged, and awaiting charges, on November 2. Within five minutes, Jeromie made two statements that could not both be true.

Next, Wray notes that:

F) The VPD announced the latest round of charge recommendations (not charges) on October 31. [TRUE]

G) However, no charges were approved until one month later, on November 30. [TRUE]

H) The VPD also announced, separately, on December 27, charges of participating in a riot and three counts of arson against a “Lower Mainland teen” who was 17 at the time of the riots. This young offender was part of the “first round of 60 charges recommended to [the] Crown.” [TRUE]

I) The first round of 60 charges recommended to the Crown, way back on June 20, included a “17 year old youth from Maple Ridge with no previous criminal convictions,” facing charges of participation in a riot and of arson for allegedly lighting a police car on fire in the 100 block of West Georgia.” [TRUE]

J) Lastly, story H was reported in the Maple Ridge Times along with pictures of Nathan Kotylak. [TRUE]

Contradiction #2: G ⇒ ~A

Nathan Kotylak could not have been charged on or before November 2, because no charges were approved until November 30. Note that if you assume, based on H, I, and J, that Kotylak was the “Lower Mainland teen” charged on December 27 (with participating in a riot and arson), which we will label X (and neither confirm nor deny), then X ⇒ ~A as well, because he did not escape with a single participation charge, as Jeromie stated on November 2.

Next, Wray has concerns about Jeromie’s Examiner story, on December 22, in which he states that:

K) Jeromie was in direct contact with a USCIS source. [FALSE]
“A source within the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has confirmed Thursday exclusively with this reporter…”

L) The USCIS source told him there was a deal to allow Kotylak to escape serious charges. [FALSE]
“…that Nathan Kotylak, poster boy of the Vancouver riots, has struck a deal with with the Vancouver Police Department and the Crown that will see him serve no jail time and carry no permanent criminal record for his actions during the riots.”

M) Kotylak’s 70 hours of community service in the summer was part of the deal. [FALSE]
“Information given by a government employee at the California branch of the USCIS who wished only to be identified as Officer Tony, detailed that a letter supplied by Nathan Kotylak’s lawyers prior to his entry into the US assured American authorities that Kotylak had reached an agreement with the Vancouver Police and the Crown that he would not be charged with a serious crime, and that he had completed 70 hours of community service as part of the deal.”

N) The VPD has not recommended charges against Nathan Kotylak. [FALSE]
“After waiting over four months for charges to be laid against suspects in connection with the Vancouver riots, on October 31st, 2011 Nathan Kotylak’s name was left off the first list of 60 individuals recommended to have charges brought against them, despite the numerous videos and damning evidence against the Water Polo Canada player.”

In updates on January 1 and January 9, and in a new, doctored story, Jeromie added that:

O) He was never in contact with the USCIS. [TRUE]
“Kim Johnston was, and still remains, the only connection between this column and ‘Officer Tony’ and at no time did the Canada Headlines Examiner column have any contact with this officer if he does in fact exist.”

P) His real source was private citizen Kim Johnston, who he called his “verified informant.” [FALSE]
“Information supplied by a government employee at the California branch of the USCIS who was named as Officer Tony by an informant…”

Q) Johnston misled him. [FALSE]
“President of Nature’s Firewall misleads media with false information, claims Vancouver rioter reached deal with Vancouver Police and will not face charges for torching police cars.”

R) Johnston was trying to “discredit” and “maliciously prosecute” Nathan Kotylak. [FALSE]
The article below was based off of information and testimony given by Nature’s Firewall LLC president Kim Johnson, after she supplied false and misleading information in an attempt to discredit and maliciously prosecute Nathan Kotylak.

Now, Wray raises several logical inconsistencies here:

Contradiction #3: O ⇔ ~D, ~K

In the same article, Jeromie claims both that his source for plea bargain story is an Officer in the USCIS, and that he was never actually in contact with the USCIS. Obviously, both cannot be true. If, as Jeromie now claims, he was never in contact with the USCIS (O), then he also lied during his last appearance on Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network, when he said that he was discussing this case with US immigration authorities.

Contradiction #4: O, X ⇒ ~L

Given that Jeromie later confirmed that he was never in contact with the USCIS, they could not have informed him of a secret deal that would allow Nathan Kotylak to escape charges. Additionally, if Nathan Kotylak was charged on December 27 (X), then he has obviously not escaped serious charges, having been charged with three counts of arson.

Contradiction #5: C, G ⇒ ~M

The 70 hours of community service in the summer could not have been part of any plea deal, based on the facts that, as Jeromie himself said on the Sun News Network, it was entirely voluntary (C), and that there were no charges approved (thus no deals) until well after the end of the summer, on November 30 (G).

Contradiction #6: I, X ⇒ ~N

If you believe that the 17-year-old individual from Maple Ridge described by the VPD on June 20 was Nathan Kotylak, then the VPD recommended charges against him as early as five days after the riot on June 15.

Contradiction #7: L ⇒ ~P, ~Q, ~R

Given that Jeromie claimed his source was an officer in the USCIS, it could not have been Kim Johnston, who is (obviously) not an officer in the USCIS. Thus it was not Kim Johnston who was trying to mislead anyone, or “maliciously prosecute” Nathan Kotylak. (Wray also notes that it is unclear how concocting a false story about a plea bargain, allowing Nathan Kotylak to escape serious charges, might constitute “malicious prosecution.”)

Mr. Smith suggests an alternative explanation, based on Occam’s razor: Jeromie Williams, who has changed his story several times throughout this process, has tried to mislead us all, first by concocting a false story about a plea bargain that never happened, hoping to get back on TV, and believing that his lies could not be refuted because of the YCJA’s publication ban.

Then he has tried to mislead us all by pinning the blame on someone who was entirely innocent, Kim Johnston, presumably because she refused to send him free “Dirty Boy” facewash products for his parties in Montreal, among other things.

However, we invite readers to suggest alternative explanations.