Chris Hoar Violates His Own Personal Guarantee (Again)

Chris HoarChris Hoar, the co-founder of Pet Pardons, often reassures donors with a personal guarantee:

“When i ask you to give money to help animals it is because i believe in good faith that money will do exactly that. … All the money raised here and on Pet Pardons goes directly to the Charity, Organization or an individual associated with the given situation. Should i ever discover that the money was not used for the exact situation i asked for your help with then i will refund 100% of your money, out of my own pocket if necessary.”

As we have noted previously, on March 28, 2012 (about a month after pledging that he would never promote another ChipIn), Hoar asked people to donate to a ChipIn set up by Jeromie Williams:

Operation Sled Dog needs to raise $5000…Without this intervention, all 25 dogs will be culled in the next week, most likely by lethal gunshot…On the ground for the rescue will be Jeromie Williams, the Managing Editor for the Pet Pardons News & Blog, making sure that every dollar raised tonight goes as far as it can.”

The ChipIn was quite successful, raising $6,180.84 (USD). Unfortunately, Jeromie Williams interfered with the rescue operation, antagonising the volunteer rescuers and very nearly getting the dogs killed, by lethal gunshot, himself, by jeopardising their transportation plan. He also refused to transfer any money, as promised, and then, only grudgingly, transferred $4,000, in four $1,000 increments, after intense public pressure.

However, Jeromie has withheld at least $1,800 (coincidentally, roughly the amount of the loan rescuers required). When two different third parties started a Facebook group and an online petition to encourage Jeromie to do the right thing and transfer the remaining funds, Jeromie’s response was to harass the animal rescue group, leaving threatening voicemail for their members, and making violent threats.

Regular readers of this blog know that Jeromie Williams has a long and well-documented history of ChipIn scams, and stalking, harassment and death threats against women, children and their pet dogs, for which he is currently under investigation by American and Canadian police.

Sadly, Chris Hoar has not bothered to respond to us about any of this, and, in clear violation of his “personal guarantee,” he has not refunded any money, or provided it to the sled dog rescue group.

Recently I noticed that Hoar made a comment on his own Facebook profile:

I read this comment as a challenge. I felt I should see if Chris Hoar was a man of his word, as he claimed. So I left a very simple, straightforward comment for him:

So the challenge was on. I told Chris Hoar he couldn’t make Jeromie give Operation Sled Dogs the rest of their money. If he really was so determined to do anything you tell him he can’t, he would no doubt have gotten Jeromie Williams to turn over the money.

Instead, he simply deleted the entire thread from his timeline.



In typical Pet Pardons fashion, when a critical comment or question is posted, he simply deletes it (and sometimes the entire thread) and pretends it never happened.

I just checked once again with Operation Sled Dogs. They still have not received their money from Chris Hoar or Jeromie Williams. Apparently none of it has been refunded, either. He has simply kept it or let others keep it.

The truth is, if you really want Chris Hoar to do something — even to keep his word and honour his own “personal guarantee” — don’t bother telling him he can’t do it. In fact, don’t bother contacting him at all. He hasn’t responded to me, or Kim, or Topher, since January.

As Topher has concluded, this is just more evidence that Pet Pardons is a sick, poisonous organization, full of liars, scam artists, and criminals.

Jeromie Williams Ignores Questions from Toronto Pet Daily

Today we learned that Toronto Pet Daily sent Jeromie Williams some basic questions about his involvement with Pet Pardons, and the whereabouts of the $1,800 he has withheld from the Operation Sled Dogs rescue group.

For example:

  • What is your current position within the group Pet Pardons?
  • OSD and others are pointing do a discrepancy stating that they never did receive all funds raised through the ChipIn page. What became of those funds?
  • You have been accused of allegedly making threats via email and phone messages. Is any of this true?

These simple questions were sent a month ago, and to date Jeromie has not bothered to respond, nor has anyone else from Pet Pardons.

Toronto Pet Daily concludes:

I guess it’s time to face facts. Based on past activity and any lack of response from any Pet Pardons representative, no money should be donated to Pet Pardons. Ever. Donations seemingly disappear into thin air and no reasons are given. 

PLEASE let me know if you can think of something more disgraceful than profiting off the backs of animals in need. The list is short.

I’ll now direct you to an individual who has followed the actions of Pet Pardons for quite some time. I am through attempting to contact or speak with anyone from Pet Pardons. They have had months of opportunity. If you can read this blog & still feel the need to donate to Pet Pardons, well then, you are acting in such a fashion that is tantamount to animal abuse. The author of the linked blog has been harassed and accused for spreading lies and hate toward Pet Pardons. To my estimation nothing could be further from the truth. Go through the articles yourself & you’ll find screen caps upon screen caps of documents and correspondence. If only Pet Pardons were so transparent.

Exactly. Toronto Pet Daily also includes a valuable warning to animal lovers:

I warn you to be wary of any donation made to a ChipIn fund or a “rescue” or business supported by Pet Pardons. Your donation will likely vanish.

And a message to Jeromie Williams and his accomplices at Pet Pardons:

Mr. Hoar, Mr. Williams, you no longer have to answer to me. You now have to answer to the growing number of animal lovers who feel betrayed and lied to. They might get over that betrayal, but the animals never will. Why? Because when donations aimed toward helping them never reach them, they have lost. I wonder what they would say if they could see that money flashed in front of their eyes only to be taken away as a cruel joke.

Read the full article here.

Also, see my previous posts on Toronto Pet Daily here:

Pet Pardons Incites More Death Threats Against Idaho Man

Dennis SawyerOn August 28, 2012, Pet Pardons posted information on an Idaho man named Dennis Brent Sawyer, who had apparently posted a picture of himself with eight dead wolves. Other than that, we know nothing about him. The wolves may have been a threat to other animals in the area, or even to this man’s family.

All we really know for certain is that, as they often do, Pet Pardons has designated someone as a target for hatred, harassment, and, ultimately, death threats. In the past week, this Pet Pardons post has generated about 9,000 “likes”, 9,000 comments, and has been shared over 7,000 times.

A very disturbing percentage of these comments call for Mr. Sawyer to be murdered. Many, like Alyssa Marie Hayes, Denyse Woo, Tina Hummel Peterson, and Jan Lacasse, would like to skin him. Others, like Lar Mark, would like to skin his family as well. Still others, like Butch Polston and Tracy Douglas, would like to stick a spear and/or stake “up his ass!” Klaus Caprani would like to make a “human leather jacket” out of his skin.

And I repeat, this is a very small sample of the utterly vile comments on the Pet Pardons page:

Luckily, not all of the fans of Pet Pardons are violent psychopaths. Some, like Simone Petrosky, have complained:

“[I]t seems wrong how you attack people for their way of living … why post pictures & allow people to make death threats toward other people? Doesn’t seem very pardoning like. And the person in the pictures considering you give their full name & town, could file a slander suite on you & a terroristic threat suite to all those threatening him/other people you post. … I hope you change this way of working where other people are slandered & threatened.”

Unfortunately, none of this is likely to change. You see, Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, and Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News, has a long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police. He has also threatened the creator of this blog:

And her “faggy sons”:

Oh, and her dogs, as well:

Not surprisingly, he also threatened Operation Sled Dogs, a Canadian animal rescue group, when questions were raised after Jeromie embezzled over $1,800 from them. Here is some audio:

Lately Jeromie and his friends at Pet Pardons have also published confirmed hoax stories, which they used to incite death threats against government officials in Ohio.

We have told Pet Pardons co-founders Chris Hoar and Ashley Owen Hill about all of this. They continue to ignore us.

Ashley Bradley writes that she is “so disappointed” in Pet Pardons:

“you have this man being harassed right now and I hope you are proud of yourself … you are just spreading lies and hate towards this man.”

For the record, we are no longer disappointed.

This is exactly the kind of disgusting behaviour we have come to expect from Pet Pardons.

Investigation Demanded on Cayr Ariel Wulff’s Book Marketing

Cayr Ariel WulffAn informed source is raising more questions about Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email). In recent weeks we have noted that Wulff has defended the criminal Jeromie Williams, attempted a Nixonian coverup of his frauds and embezzlement, and violated Google News policy by publishing hoax articles and inciting death threats. She also admitted committing internet fraud, raising money by ChipIn to “save the life of the next animal just moments away from being abused or killed,” and instead using it for her own dog’s bills.

Our source, who does not want to be named given Jeromie Williams’ long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police, has revealed yet another potential scandal.

It appears that Wulff has promised since 2007 to donate “1/3 of the proceeds from sales of [her] books” to “local humane group Valley Save-a-Pet for their humane programs.”

However, when our source contacted VSAP to verify that 1/3 of the proceeds had been donated, an official there said that they were not aware of any commitment to donate any portion of the proceeds to VSAP. They promised to investigate, but could not confirm whether any of the proceeds have been donated since 2007.

In any event, we asked Wulff about this in the comments section of one of her Examiner articles. Curiously, she quickly changed the subject to “taking photos soon of [her] handing … money to Pawsibilities,” an entirely different charity. She later accused us of libel for simply raising these questions, and sent us the following warning by e-mail:

If you want to investigate my donations to Valley Save a Pet, be my guest. I will tell you that I won’t stand by and watch that small, honest rescue trashed by you and your friends. The VSAP people are good good people. If you insist on dragging yet another innocent bystander (VSAP)into this ridiculous fray (and I don’t mean by investigating, go right ahead with my blessing)…I mean in any other way…I will be compelled to sever my ties with VSAP to keep them out of it. And ultimately, Kim, that will only hurt them, because I provide an expensive service for them at no cost. Ariel

Let me be very clear: We are not interested in “trashing” anyone, and certainly not Valley Save-a-Pet, which sounds like an excellent group. Actually, it’s rather unbelievable to us that Cayr would threaten to “hurt” them because of anything we are doing. We are only interested in exposing the truth about any scams, frauds or hoaxes that Jeromie Williams and his Pet Pardons associates are involved in, and we will continue to do so, forever.

Pet Pardons Co-Founder Ashley Owen Hill: “We Do Not Kill Animals. We Only Kill People. Run.”

Ashley Owen HillWhen we informed Ashley Owen Hill, the co-founder of Pet Pardons, that her Director of Operations in Canada, Jeromie Williams, was breaking the organization’s rules, and stealing from various ChipIn accounts, she didn’t even respond to us. When we told her about how he had threatened Kim Johnston, her sons in Colorado, their dogs, and Topher Mackenzie, still, she ignored us.

So you can imagine how stunned I was to find that Ms. Hill, who is also the founder of the Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian, Mississippi, has created a series of at least a dozen disgusting, mean-spirited, and insulting videos. They viciously insult and threaten the public in a way eerily reminiscent of Jeromie Williams. Ashley’s cartoon alter ego even threatens to murder an animal control officer with her “crazy rescue friends” (which includes Jeromie Williams, presumably).

In one video, titled “Animal Rescue Humor: Pet Pardons” (posted January 29, 2011), Ashley warns a concerned citizen that Pet Pardons kills people, and advises him to run (at 4:33).

She says that these videos are just for laughs, but I haven’t laughed once. I don’t think there’s anything funny about them. Particularly not given Jeromie Williams’ long and sordid history of threatening people, including animal rescuers, using vile and violent language.

Similarly, Ashley’s videos are full of obnoxious behaviour, including threats, swearing, and total contempt and disrespect for others, but especially Christians, women, people of colour, the uneducated, Republicans, gays, Wal-Mart employees, part-time workers, gas station workers, Southerners, the poor, the rich, and government officials.

In the video above, for example, Ashley berates a concerned citizen as a “f***ing dumbass” (0:14), and tells him “I think I’m supposed to be polite here, but lucky for me, I don’t f***ing feel like it … You are so damned stupid …” (0:45). “While I appreciate your f**king raw stupidity,” she continues, “you should not be allowed to be alive” (1:49). Indeed, “I can assure you that if I could get my hands on some firearms, you would be my first f***ing target” (2:20).


If you didn’t get the message, she continues to mock the citizen, telling him he should be “promoted to cashier at Wal-Mart” or even “President of the United mother-f***ing States.” (3:20). “Your brain is so damn small,” she tells him, “and f***ing useless…” (3:42). Meanwhile, she describes the other co-founder of Pet Pardons, Chris Hoar, as “the evil mastermind behind” a “f***ing grand murder plot” (1:25), and tells the citizen that if he wants to ask Hoar about this, he can call “800-F***-Yourself” (4:10).

One has to wonder what kind of person would write something like this. Fortunately, Ashley provides the answer: “If you think I’m a b*tch,” she says, “you ain’t seen nothing yet” (4:20).

Indeed. That’s only the first video.

In a video entitled “Dealings with Animal Control,” posted on January 12, 2011,

  • Ashley tells an animal control officer “I am the animal rescuer who calls, and harasses your ass all the live-long day” (0:07), and demands that he seize a dog “today, no excuses” (0:38).
  • Ashley tells the officer “You should be fired, along with all the other idiots in this office. I should be hired. I do more of your job than you could ever dream of doing. I am awesome at your job. You suck at it. If only we could vote on whether people were qualified to be human beings or not, you would be voted out of the human race on Day One, for being so incredibly worthless” (1:42).
  • Ashley tells the officer he should be demoted, “then fired … then put in jail, and then executed” (2:23).
  • Ashley warns that if the officer doesn’t seize the dog immediately, she will illegally steal the dog: “the dog is going to come up missing, and you can try to hunt me down, and put me in jail, but here’s a little warning, my rescue friends are crazy … and if you even try to put me in jail, you will come up missing. These are not threats sir. I’m just a crazy rescue lady, who hasn’t taken her medicine. But I can assure you that underestimating me will be the biggest mistake of your life, and all the donuts in the world cannot save you” (2:47).

In a video entitled “Idiots with Puppies,” posted on January 26, 2011,

  • Ashley threatens a man with a new “F***tard law”: “Basicaly if you don’t turn every last one of your dogs and puppies over to Animal Control immediately, you will be put to sleep on Thursday of next week” (3:50). When he tries to invite her to a dinner party at his house, she replies, “Yes, I will be there. With a gun” (4:25).
  • Ashley berates the man as “so damned stupid” (0:43), “dumbass” (0:54), “nut-f***ing crazy,” and his family as “f***ing tards” (2:48).
  • Ashley claims the man’s “sister’s 4th husband most likely is gay, super hero gay, and stupid, dumb as a f***ing biscuit” (1:38).

In a video entitled “Saw your Adoptable Dog on Facebook,” posted on January 19, 2011,

  • Ashley berates a man for “listen[ing] to [his] b*tching wife” (1:08), and tells him he should have “told [his] b*tching wife to shut her face” (1:50). The wife, she says, “sounds like a real f***ing peach” (2:58), though she “totally understand[s] her apparent hatred for your existence” (4:27). She also mocks the man’s Christian beliefs (3:03).
  • Ashley condemns the man as “worthless,” and claims even his dad agrees that “You should never have been born” (4:03).

In a video entitled “I want to adopt a purebred dog,” posted on January 11, 2011,

  • Ashley condemns the man’s sister as a “completely ridiculous person” (0:28), and an “idiot,” and his “crazy loser cousin” (2:53), and berates him for “try[ing] to make [him]self sound smart, while you really sound like an idiot” (1:30), and a “moron” (2:35). It helps, she says “if you have a brain inside your head and some form of education” (2:59).

In a video entitled “May I please take your chained dog?,” posted on January 9, 2011,

  • Ashley demands that a man surrender his dog to her, because “you are so damned stupid and lazy” (0:47). When he refuses, she threatens to “prosecute” him under a fake law and make him “spend [his] life in prison” (1:45).
  • Ashley threatens the man: “If I ever catch you with another dog again, I’ll personally beat the shit out of you. That is not a threat. It is a fact” (2:24).

In a video entitled “I need you to take this dog,” posted on January 8, 2011,

  • Ashley refuses to accept a dog, asking “How is a dog showing up at your house my f***ing problem?” (0:43). “Why don’t you try sticking the dog up your own ass,” she says (1:10). Alternatively, “why doesn’t your sister try getting off her fat ass?” she asks (3:13).
  • Ashley berates the man as “braindead” and “f***ing stupid” (1:46 and 3:59) and “a complete f***ing moron” (4:33 and 6:19). She tells him “You may be the stupidest mother-f***er I have ever encountered” (2:59).
  • Ashley threatens to “drop kick” other dog owners with her “ninja skills” for being “so f***ing stupid as to not neuter their dog.” And: “I would also like to get a shot at your dumbass cousin” (5:28).
  • Ashley clearly implies she is coming to the man’s house to violently attack him and his family: “You sit there and wait for me to show up … Don’t move. Do not leave your house. Just stay right there. Don’t tell me the address. I like to guess and see if I’m right” (5:48).
  • Lastly, Ashley apparently supports a policy of eugenics: “Do you have children?” she asks. “You should be f***ing neutered. People that are so incredibly stupid should not be allowed to reproduce” (3:48).

There are more videos I could have added. Some include vile “jokes” about pit bull attacks on children. In a video entitled “Encounter in the vet’s office,” posted on April 21, 2011, Ashley tells a man that “Pit bulls eat children for dinner. They eat adults like you for breakfast” (0:50).

In a video entitled “First Day in Rescue,” posted on January 26, 2011, Ashley calls a member of the public a “deranged idiot” (1:41) and “bats*** crazy” (3:20), and, ironically, given her threats in nearly every other video, warns that “people like you send innocent citizens running for their lives.” Actually, people like Jeromie Williams send innocent citizens running to the police for restraining orders and protection.

Again, one has to wonder what kind of person Ashley Owen Hill really is. Calling people morons, stupid, threatening them, swearing just about every second word. Using guns, threatening to kill people, including government officials, or to just beat them up.

She may say this was all done in humor. I did not laugh once. I do not see any humor here. The Pet Pardons Canadian director, Jeromie Williams, is notorious for stealing money, criminal harassment, and making death threats. We have written about this many times. Ashley Owen Hill has not responded once.

It seems if you are part of Pet Pardons, it’s okay to threaten people. It’s just their standard operating procedure. Let’s just fix that logo of theirs:

Not to mention that in a video entitled  “I want to help rescue dogs, kinda,” posted on January 8, 2011, Ashley complains that “I work seven days a week, in addition to spending all my spare time rescuing dogs” (1:30). Well it seems to us she spends all her time making disgusting videos, and writing heart-wrenching stories on her blog (literally all of which beg for donations).

For example:

Then, I paid the $400 vet bill I wasn’t quite prepared for, helped Delilah into the car, and drove her home. This weekend, Delilah has required around-the-clock care from me. She’s very weak, very sick, and very needy right now. Seeing her like this… well… it’s beyond heartwrenching.

Initially… upon return, she wouldn’t eat at all. But soon, I learned that “people food” was enough to entice her.

So… instead of dog food, she’s been sharing people food with me. Actually… it’s more accurate to say that I’ve simply been giving her all of my own food, and taking none for myself, which has honestly made me insanely happy. She needs it… much more than I do right now.

In other words, DONATE NOW or she might starve!!! Well, sorry, I just don’t believe her.

As the The Pet Advocates Network has pointed out, there is no transparency at the “Lucky Dog” rescue. No disclosure of financial records, or veterinary records, or adoption records, or anything else. And no website, just a blog, with a call for donations. That’s it.

And the fact that neither she nor Chris Hoar have ever responded to our many questions about Jeromie Williams, his death threats, his many scams, and his embezzlement from legitimate animal rescuers just raises more questions about her, and about Pet Pardons.

Again, we urge you not to donate to any of them. Save your money for legitimate rescuers, who don’t threaten to kill anyone, don’t steal from anyone, and fully and transparently disclose their financial records.

UPDATE (August 13, 2012): Ashley appears to have deleted her Xtranormal account and restricted access to her offensive videos on Youtube. Much like Cayr Ariel Wulff, we’re sure she would love to cover this all up, and pretend it never happened. Unfortunately for her, our network saved copies and screenshots of each and every one of her disgusting videos.

Pet Pardons Attempts to Cover Up Canadian Director’s Outrageous Crimes

NixonAbout a month ago, we wrote about Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email), and her outrageous defense of Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada.

In the comments, Wulff responded by slandering me, Alison Hector of the The Pet Advocates Network, and even the Operation Sled Dog (OSD) rescue group from which Jeromie stole $1,800. The group’s driver, she claimed, “killed 7 [dogs] with his negligence” and gave “his choice of dogs to a puppy mill.”

Well, those are just outright lies. The driver did not negligently kill seven dogs, and none were given to puppy mills (although it is true that one did not survive, sadly, as Jeromie notes on his blog, which interestingly does not mention the death of seven dogs or any negligence on the part of the driver).

Why would he lie? We guess it was just a desperate attempt to justify his embezzlement of $1,800 from OSD. Jeromie certainly has no trouble making up horrible stories about other people, as he has done so many times before about so many others. But it must be nice for him to have Cayr Ariel Wulff around to help spread the libel!

Speaking of which, we noticed that Wulff has since spread more outrageous lies in a post on the Scamwarners website. Although the thread was soon deleted (presumably after complaints from Pet Pardons, and/or Jeromie himself), here is a screenshot:

Let’s take her claims one at a time:

1. Jeromie Williams is not a director at Pet Pardons any more than he is the “King of Neptune.” He is only an “editor” who edits Cayr’s articles.

King of NeptuneWell friends, if you see this guy nearby, you’d best hold on to your wallet, hide your children, and call the authorities.

Pet Pardons may have taken great efforts to scrub any reference to Jeromie Williams as “Director of Operations” for Pet Pardons Canada off the internet, but Wulff’s claim is simply not credible.

Firstly, Jeromie Williams has consistently referred to himself as Director of Operations in stories about himself, and on his own blog. If you visit it today, or any of his other sites, you will find that he has changed his title there to “Managing Editor” of Pet Pardons News. Maybe tomorrow, he will give himself a new title.

Regardless, the claim that Jeromie simply edits articles is laughable, as the OSD case illustrates. Chris Hoar, the co-founder of Pet Pardons, assured donors that “On the ground for the rescue will be Jeromie Williams … making sure that every dollar raised tonight goes as far as it can.”

Jeromie apparently took this as license to attempt to take over the whole operation, and tell experienced OSD rescuers how to do their jobs. Shockingly, it transpired that he did not know how to do their jobs better than they did. You, gentle reader, can probably guess what happened next. Criminal harassment and death threats, of course.

And, as it turned out, some of the dollars raised could only “go as far as” Jeromie’s bank account, and into bizarre ransom letters he sent to OSD rescuers, apparently with the full knowledge and support of Chris Hoar and Pet Pardons, who continue to associate with him even now.

Simply put, Jeromie is not, and was not, a simple “editor” at Pet Pardons.

2. Pet Pardons does not ask for donations. “YOU WILL NEVER SEE A REQUEST FOR PEOPLE TO SEND MONEY TO PET PARDONS.”

Actually, yes, you will:

This plea for donations is posted on the official Pet Pardons website. Worse, the associated PayPal account is, the very same address Jeromie uses whilst peddling his ridiculous $20 “Hug a Gay Day” T-shirts. He also uses it whilst soliciting donations for his personal website. In other words, incredibly, it seems that any money donated via the Pet Pardons website goes directly into a personal account of Jeromie Williams, not to Pet Pardons.

It gets worse. Jeromie also raises money for “Pet Pardons Canada” via ChipIn. We have posted previously on Jeromie’s various ChipIn scams, including the OSD case. Jeromie appears to have a long history of directing people interested in donating to Pet Pardons to donate instead to his personal ChipIn accounts, which also appear to be commingled with ChipIn accounts to support his personal website, and to support various other non-animal-related causes.

Basically, not only does Pet Pardons ask for donations, but any money donated appears to go directly to Jeromie Williams.

3. Pet Pardons directs donors to other rescues’ ChipIn sites.

Not in the case of Jeromie Williams. Jeromie has a long history of setting up ChipIn accounts for other rescuers, and then apparently pilfering the donations for himself. For example:

As we have noted previously, we told Pet Pardons co-founders Chris Hoar and Ashley Owen Hill about Jeromie’s history back in January, including his criminal harassment of Kim Johnston and her family, and his subsequent death threats.

They didn’t even respond to us.

In fact, their one and only public comment on the matter comes in the form of a two-word tweet back in May:

Like Nixon, “Jeromie is not a crook.” No explanation. No documentation. No apology.


Contrast the lack of transparency at Pet Pardons with OSD, a legitimate rescue group, which has released all relevant financial statements from their operation.

We suspect that, if he continues stalking people, criminally harassing them, and making death threats, Jeromie may soon have something else in common with Nixon: He may soon need a pardon.

Luckily for him the URL is still available.

UPDATE: Wulff also asks whether the Race for the Cure is a scam because it raises money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We’re not sure we understand her point, but we will take this opportunity to point out, once again, that Jeromie Williams has pledged to “picket” the next Pink Ribbon event in Montreal, apparently because he is convinced that yes, the Komen Foundation is a scam. Or at least, that it’s not “inclusive of men.” (Yes, he actually wrote that.)

Toronto Pet Daily on Jeromie Williams: “Scum of the Earth”

Toronto Pet Daily takes Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, to task today for his various ChipIn scams, and, in particular, for a ransom letter he sent to the Operation Sled Dog (OSD) rescue group:

I’m sick and tired of beating around this bush. WHO THE FUCK DOES THIS? What rescue in their right mind authorizes a director to put a picture of money on the internet for all to see, and then publish a list of demands that must be met? You know what the problem is Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams? Dogs who are close to death’s door can’t understand your demands, & I’m sure if they could they couldn’t give a shit. Why? BECAUSE THEY WANT TO LIVE. Yup, that simple…..while you as a rescue devote your time to accusing others of slander & posting threats on Facebook, the very dogs you purport to help ARE DYING!

Well said. But of course Jeromie only pretends to care about the dogs (and women’s rights, and gay rights). In reality, he seems to care about only one thing: himself.

Read the full post here.

As we have also noted, Toronto Pet Daily has previously concluded that Jeromie Williams stole donations intended for the OSD husky rescue operation in Quebec.