More Lies from Pet Pardons News Spawn Hatred, Death Threats

Pet Pardons EnquirerJust last week we reported that Jeromie Williams was once again fabricating stories, events and witnesses as the “Managing Editor” of Pet Pardons News.

On August 16, Cayr Ariel Wulff wrote a story about “three dogs that were tied to a train track near Scranton Rd. on Cleveland’s west side leaving two dogs dead, and one traumatized”:

The employee witnessed the man tying the dog to the tracks and then moving away and taking photographs or video. Unfortunately, the suspect was too far away for the rail employee to get a detailed description, and the man was gone by the time the employee had reached the isolated area of tracks.

The train had passed by that time, but miraculously, the little dog had survived. Two other dogs were not as lucky.

The rail worker found their mangled bodies along the same stretch of isolated tracks.

Of course, this story is a lie. Practically every word of every sentence is false.

The truth is rather less sensational. In a story entitled “Dogs were not tied to track and killed by train in Tremont area,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that:

Police have determined that no dogs were killed Aug. 10 while tied to railroad tracks in the Tremont neighborhood, but one live dog was rescued after a train passed over it.

A train crew radioed a Norfolk Southern bridge tender to report that they ran over a dog apparently tied to the tracks because they could not stop in time, police said Friday night. It was later determined that the dog was not tied but that her leash was wedged between two rails, probably by accident.

In other words, there was no man. He didn’t tie the dogs to the train tracks. He didn’t film them being killed by a train. Indeed, there was only one dog, and it wasn’t killed. There were no mangled bodies. No rail worker discovered them. It was all a lie.

Now, that didn’t stop Pet Pardons News readers from threatening to kill this imaginary man. Let’s “tie his ass to the tracks,” is the general consensus, although one wants to see him hanged, and another would prefer if he was “thrown to the wolves.” Another wants to drive the train over him, and others would look forward to hearing him “scream in fear.”

Again: This person does not exist. No one tied these dogs to the train tracks. Indeed, no dogs were killed by the train.

Here’s a (very small) sample of representative comments:

You might say, well, no harm done. If the person doesn’t exist, they can’t actually kill him, right?

The problem is that Pet Pardons News often makes up horrific stories about real people, too. As both Wray and I have reported, a series of disgusting articles by Cayr Ariel Wulff (and edited by Jeromie) has falsely claimed that employees at the Fairfield County Dog Shelter in Ohio are burning dogs alive, based on unnamed “eyewitness accounts.” Wulff also claimed that they had the full support of the shelter’s director, Mike Miller, and county commissioners Mike Kiger and Judy Shupe.

How do you think her readers responded?

Well, by demanding that these (very real) people be gassed or burned alive, of course. As Judy Ruff says, “lets burn people alive.” Sally Greulich agrees: “I would love to … throw you in a fire.” Elizabeth Yancey shouts “GOD I WISH I COULD SHOVE ALL OF YOU IN THE FIRE ALIVE AND LET YOU DIE…” Angel Williams chillingly says “I’m going 2 kill those people 4 what they did.” J.D. Knoblock offers to pull the “triger.” Sarah Stegle offers that it’s a “Good thing they don’t post these peoples addresses. They’d be dead within the hour… Personally, I’d do something awful.”

I could go on. Here’s just a small sample of the comments from the first article alone:

And indeed, by all accounts, Mike Miller, Mike Kiger and Judy Shupe, not to mention shelter employees, have all received many death threats since Cayr’s first article was published 10 days ago.

So, what does Cayr have to say for herself?

I can’t control what my readers say to other people. I do not condone the death threats.

Really? She writes false stories about a man tying dogs to train tracks to be run over and killed, or lies about shelter employees burning dogs alive, and she’s not looking to incite harassment and death threats against these people?

To quote Pet Pardons, that’s just sick:

Pet Pardons is a sick, poisonous organization, full of liars, scam artists, and criminals. Let’s not forget that Jeromie Williams has become infamous for his own long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police.

And now Cayr Ariel Wulff apparently thinks nothing of writing demonstrably false stories to incite hatred, harassment and death threats against other people.

They deserve each other.

Shame on all of them.

Complaints Lodged as Jeromie Williams Violates Google News Policy

Pet Pardons EnquirerBack in January, this blog revealed Jeromie Williams‘ long history of fabricating events, people, and even witnesses to serious crimes in his articles. Like the National Enquirer, he simply makes things up, the more sensational the better, in order to attract attention, collect more accolades like this, and to con his way back onto Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network (now featured prominently on Jeromie’s CV on his site). And the more sensational the story, the more clicks, and the more pennies he can earn.

For example:

  • On May 2, 2011, Jeromie published an article claiming that the prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, had violated election laws by campaigning on the day of the election, and that he could be imprisoned, or his party deregistered. One problem: campaigning on Election Day is entirely legal.
  • On July 24, 2011, Jeromie published an article about a fake witness, implicating a man in breaking the jaw of his girlfriend, 17-year-old Chelsea Bossons, during the Vancouver riot. The witness did not exist, and the man was innocent. To say nothing of the impact on this young woman, her family, her boyfriend, his family, and so on, this apparently caused great trouble for the Vancouver Police Department and Crown prosecutors in British Columbia, who were stuck chasing phantom witnesses instead of the thug who actually attacked Ms. Bossons so brutally.
  • In late 2011, Jeromie wrote a series of articles about “Shelly Comeon,” a Montreal woman who supposedly created the Facebook group 100,000 strong to ban Nathan Kotylak from the Canada Olympic team. He even “interviewed” her. The only problem is: She doesn’t exist. “Shelly Comeon” is one of Jeromie’s sock puppet accounts.
  • On December 22, 2011, Jeromie published an article about a fake plea bargain for Nathan Kotylak, the notorious Vancouver rioter. He claimed, falsely, that his source was a USCIS agent, and then (when caught in a lie) claimed that it was Kim Johnston, the creator of this blog.

Unfortunately for Jeromie, this blog (along with actual journalists like Shane Woodford at CKNW, Peter Meiszner at Global BC, and Daniel Dickin at the Prince Arthur Herald) refuted his false stories, and the Examiner soon fired him.

Jeromie then threatened Kim Johnston, her sons, and even her dogs, using homophobic epithets, and The Gaily then fired him as well.

So you can imagine how shocked I was to see that Jeromie is now working as Director of Operations at Pet Pardons Canada and the “Managing Editor” of Pet Pardons News. What reputable news organization would hire a known and serial liar as an editor, let alone manager? Let alone one who has threatened women, children, and dogs, and used homophobic epithets?

The answer is simple: None would.

Pet Pardons News is not an honest, reliable news service.

Indeed, it has violated Google News policies for months. While Google News requires unbiased, original reporting on real news, Pet Pardons News articles are generally copied from real news sites, and parts are simply made up out of whole cloth. Some articles cannot be described as “news” at all (“Cat falls in love with puppies on internet!!!“). Many articles are also as sensational as possible, with ridiculous photos, including dogs in ovens, as you might expect from a tabloid, not a real news source. Most egregiously, Jeromie Williams has used Google News to spread slanderous lies about others, in some cases actually inciting death threats.

On April 17, 2012, Jeromie Williams published a story on Pet Pardons News slandering the Operation Sled Dog (OSD) rescue group. (While it has been deleted from Pet Pardons News, it is still available on his personal blog). He claimed, falsely, that OSD had killed puppies during their rescue operation. What Jeromie did not disclose, however, was that he had embezzled several thousand dollars from OSD, and that when Facebook groups and petitions were started to demand that he give the money to OSD, Jeromie began a long campaign of criminal harassment and death threats against OSD members (including this slanderous article on Google News).

More recently, a series of disgusting articles by Cayr Ariel Wulff (and edited by Jeromie) in August 2012 claimed that employees at the Fairfield County Dog Shelter in Ohio are burning dogs alive, based on unnamed “eyewitness accounts.” Given Jeromie’s history of simply making up fake witnesses, we called the shelter to enquire. As we suspected, the director confirmed that there were no complaints of dogs being burned alive at Fairfield. In fact, this issue was not even mentioned at the County Commissioners’ meeting, as Wulff had claimed. Reports from reputable news agencies, such as NBC, do not mention it either. Think about it: If there were eyewitness reports of dogs being burned alive, that issue would have dominated the meeting, and the subsequent news coverage. Instead, it showed up on only one site, which happens to be run by one of the least trustworthy men on the internet.

Disgustingly, Wulff’s articles give out the contact information of the shelter and county commissioners, and incite harassment and death threats against them, all based on a lie. And indeed, as she notes herself, the commissioners and the shelter have since received many harassing calls, including death threats. We urge them to retain counsel and consider all legal options available to them. We’re sympathetic to the goal of ending euthanasia in shelters as much as possible, but we cannot see how making up fake witnesses and phony stories can help advance those goals. In fact, these lies will almost certainly be counterproductive, as they divert much needed attention away from real animal rights abuses in other shelters.

We also have to note the irony that a group supposedly dedicated to “Pet Pardons” didn’t take the opportunity to try to get any of these dogs adopted. Instead, Cayr actually advocates lethal injection:

According to the website, to kill an animal by carbon monoxide poisoning costs $4.98 per animal versus $2.29 per animal by lethal injection (EBI=Euthanasia By Injection). The argument to continue gassing can only be made as a means of convenience, since a group of animals can be done at once, as opposed to individually by injection.

Amy Bogart, with the Humane Society of the United States, said if the only thing preventing the county from going to a lethal injection form of euthanasia is the cost of training, her organization is willing to pay the cost of the training and setup.

Lastly, even some Pet Pardons supporters are outraged at the strong anti-GOP bias in Pet Pardons “News” articles smearing Mitt Romney and Steve King. As Barbara Spiegel notes, these articles are clearly biased and partisan, in violation of the policies of Google News.

You may make your own complaints about Jeromie Williams and Pet Pardons “News” to Google here.

Jeromie Williams Lashes Out At Former Employer (Again)

GailyBack in January, we reported that Jeromie Williams disparaged his former employers at the after he was terminated for fabricating events, people, and even supposed witnesses to serious crimes in his articles (see my original post for further details). Amazingly, he compared the Examiner to a Third World sweat shop.

Today we noticed that Jeromie has continued to disparage his former employers, this time taking aim at The Gaily, a website for Canadian gays and lesbians, where he was contributing editor until March. The website disassociated itself from him entirely after he criminally harassed, stalked and made death threats against Kim Johnson and her teenaged boys, using homophobic epithets.

He tweeted to Erika Jahn, Executive Editor of  The Gaily, that:

The hashtag #cowardsgossip presumably was meant to imply that Ms. Jahn, and the rest of Jeromie’s former friends and colleagues at The Gaily, are all cowards for talking about him (and all his disgraceful, and often illegal, activities, no doubt) behind his back.

Well, we say, kudos to Ms. Jahn and The Gaily for recognizing who the real coward is here (if a bit belatedly), and severing all ties with him accordingly.

We would also like to issue a friendly warning to Hugh Hefner. If it’s true that Jeromie once “pulled the strings behind the scenes for” at “Team Heffner” [sic.], then, given Jeromie’s well-documented history of lashing out at former employers, Mr. Hefner might want to watch his back. Of course, it’s not true, as Jeromie also has a well-documented history of embellishing on his resume. Presumably if Jeromie was actually on “Team Hefner,” he would know how to spell the man’s name.

Still, it’s good advice for anyone to watch their back around Jeromie Williams.

Jeromie Williams Caught with His Hands in the Cookie Jar – Again. Or should we say chipin accounts?

Let us make it very clear – Kim, Topher and myself have no connections to OperationSledDogs or to OSD ChipIn Facts. It was sent to one of us by a concerned citizen.
The actions of Jeromie Williams have not changed since we exposed him in early January 2012,  so we felt we should make his previous actions known again.
The Operation Sled Dog Group are not alone in their fight for justice and for the truth to prevail.  We are happy to allow the reference to our blog – Jeromie Williams is a Fraud by the OSD ChipIn Facts.

Just when you think you may have heard the last of Jeromie Williams, he rears his ugly head again – using one of his favorite tools – The Chipin.

The cool new way to rasie money for something – whether it be to save animals, fun his travel, pay his rent – the old Chip in has proved a handy source of cash for Jeromie Williams.

This time he offered to help Operation Sled Dogs
with a chip in account to raise $5000. With the help of Pet Pardons – a popular US animal rights Facebook page
(Pet Pardons has an App and community page).

With a post on Pet Pardons wall. The money was rasied in less that 2 hours.
The chip in Jeromie Started for OperationSledDogs  As donations flowed in many contributors made comments.

Then a person founded  OSD ChipIn Facts. Bring the actions of Jeromie Williams was dealing with the donations made to save these huskies.
But it all came to a screeching halt when Jeromie Williams decided he did not want to turn over all the funds!  Which ironically, went to his private paypal account…..
After much public pressure by the OSD group, Williams decided to turn over “some” of the cash. Making payments of $1,000 at a time.
To my understanding Jeromie turned over $4000 in 4 payments of $1000 each.   Pet Pardons and Chris Hoar’s lawyer have acknowledge the amount remaining as $1,759 (CAD)

Mr. Williams decided, was a “management fee.”  There was also mention of $400, which he explained to be a profit he had made off the exchange rate.  We got out our calculators people, and with the current on par exchange rate, for Williams to have profited $400 – the funds raised would have been around $364,000. Mr. Williams did send a picture of $1800 USD to members of  OperationSledDogs  “Saying come and get it”.  So is Mr. Williams lying again?  Did he exchange all the money from the Chip in? Then the $400 profit is not all the profit he will make off the exchange rate. He still has $1800USD.

This is not the first time Jeromie only turned over part of the money raised by doing a chipin for a dog rescue.
As reported on this blog before.
One of his first was for the Quebec puppy mill
Where $3544  was raised by this chip in  The result.  Jeromie Williams  with Humane Society International staff who
rescued over 500 dogs from a government seizure. Pet Pardons Canada gave $3000 towards the rescue efforts.
That is $544 Jeromie kept.

In another case, Mr. Williams raised $2,777 for a certain dog through a ChipIn account, but may have donated as little as $1,600.
Noting this discrepancy, Liz Schiavone asked that people donate directly to the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals in California.
So Jeromie kept another $1,177.
With Jeromie’s chip in accounts.  He keeps a certin percentage for management fees.
$1759+$544+1177=$3480.  Not bad for only doing a few hours work. That at the suffering of the animals he is wanting to help save.
When confronted with the money he did not turn over. Jeromie went into this I am right you are wrong mode.
The threats started against members of Operation Sled Dogs. Simalar to the ones he made to Kim Johnson months ago – for which police complaints were made.
Deleting any comments on his FB page that does not agree with his point of view. Banning people.
One threat was very close to one Kim Received.  Kim’s was in an email.   This one is on an answering machine with
one very threatening voicemail, 

Our concern is that Pet Pardons USA was notified many times of Jeromie Wiliams activities in December 2011 and again in early January 2012 – yet did nothing.

When we tried to contact Chris Hoar about Jeromie Williams actions back in Jan. He did not answer any of the question put forth to him About Jeromie. To this day still has not.

Which is an action confirmed by a story by
The Toronto Pet Daily   Thank you for letting us use your stories here.
On May 6 The Toronto Pet Daily
Did a story on the actions of Chris Hoar and Jeromie Williams response to the money that Jeromie Williams with held.
At first they did not reply.

Eventually, it appears as though Mr. Williams finally agreed to give the rest of the funds to the rescue group, as he made the offer in the form of an ultimatum and told Operation Sled Dogs,

“You have 48 hours.” As it stands now, Operation Sled Dogs has still not received the balance of the funds, and Mr. Williams has taken to his blog accusing the organization of killing puppies.
Remember this is an organization that in the end, Mr. Williams himself raised over $5000 for.

On May 11 The Toronto Pet Daily
Did a follow up story.  Where the writer still had no response back from Pet Pardons or Chirs Hoar.


Operation Sled Dogs has provided the following statement to Toronto Pet Daily :

Operation Sled Dogs is currently in negotiations with Mr. Hoar and his attorney. Out of respect for Mr. Hoar as well as OSD’s desire to move past this unfortunate situation,
we are unable to comment further at this time. OSD will certainly make public the outcome of these negotiations, in consideration of our many supporters, donors
and most importantly the dogs involved in our current and future efforts.

Founders Operation Sled Dogs

To me: Actions speak louder than words.
With Chris Hoar, the Co-founder of Pet Pardons, Not responding to questions put forth to him or Pet Pardons.
Back in Jan 12. Now dealing with a new situation  with an attorney.
Leaves me to believe that Mr. Hoar and Pet Pardons.  Condones Jeromie Williams actions using chipins and
keeping part of the money for himself. Calling it management fees.  Not letting the organization know he is charging the fee or how much.

With so many worthwhile causes out there to donate your hard earned cash to – we would like to advise you to do your research, pick a reputable group –

and let your money go towards saving the life of an animal, and not paying one of the directors rent!!

“The Gaily” Removes Jeromie Williams as Contributing Editor

GailyWe received confirmation today from Erika Jahn, Executive Editor of  The Gaily, a website for Canadian gays and lesbians, that Jeromie Williams has been removed from his former position as the contributing editor of the site, which is apparently disassociating itself from him entirely. Ms. Jahn has confirmed that Jeromie’s “work has been removed entirely from our site.”

No further details were provided, but we speculate that Ms. Jahn terminated their relationship on account of some combination of the following:

  1. Homophobic Slurs against teenaged boys;
  2. Criminal Harassment and Death Threats against women and teenaged boys;
  3. Fake Stories about Fake Witnesses, Fake Sources, Fake Interviews, Fake Plea Bargains, Fake People etc.;
  4. ChipIn Scams; not to mention…
  5. Yet more outright lies.

Then again, maybe Jeromie quit The Gaily, like he “quit” the Examiner, because they were paying him “sweatshop wages”

Socialist Fraudster Creates Fake Sarah Palin Twitter, Facebook Accounts

Jeromie WilliamsWarning: The Twitter account “Fire In My Belly” (@ElectPalin2012) and the Facebook account Elect Palin 2012 are fake. They are run by a Canadian socialist, Jeromie Williams, not Sarah Palin supporters.

Jeromie Williams, a socialist and “Occupy Wall Street” activist, who has a well-documented history of deception using fake online accounts, has created fake Twitter and Facebook accounts for a fake “Sarah Palin 2012″ group, likely in an effort to make her supporters appear extreme, racist, homophobic, or generally bigoted.

We have obtained evidence that Williams, a Rachel Maddow-obsessed editor at The Gaily, has:

We believe that he was very likely preparing to use these accounts to create a malicious smear of Palin and her supporters, reminiscent of Tea Party infiltration attempts such as the now-defunct

Jeromie would have been able to use his platform as a writer at the to spread his false-flag-style smears of Palin, but, fortunately, two weeks ago, on January 5th, he was removed from his position there after this blog exposed his history of fabricating events, people, and even witnesses in his articles for months in order to get on TV, among other reasons.

Briefly, yesterday night, the account @ElectPalin2012 tweeted one of our team members, Topher Mackenzie, to complain about this blog exposing Jeromie’s disgusting behaviour. However, Topher quickly became suspicious, noting that:

  1. Though the account was created in February 2011, it had only 22 tweets before yesterday, almost half of which appear to have been retweets of the official account @SarahPalinUSA from April 8, 2011. Adding seven more tweets yesterday, fully a quarter of the account’s tweets are about this blog, which (until today) had not mentioned Sarah Palin a single time;
  2. It would be incredible for authentic Sarah Palin supporters to devote so much time to defending Jeromie Williams, a Canadian socialist and fraud artist who apparently enjoys decapitating her in the “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” video game;
  3. The person who tweeted from the account used language you might expect from a Canadian socialist desperately trying to imitate how he imagines American Republicans must talk, such as:
    • “Jeepers”;
    • “You’re only draining your soul”;
    • “Go with God”;
    • “We … wanted to … council you on going with God”; and, of course,
    • “what would Jesus do?”
  4. The person who tweeted from the account claimed to represent a “whole group” but, when asked, refused to elaborate on who was in the group; and,
  5. The person who tweeted from the account made a number of factually inaccurate statements to try to defend Jeromie Williams.

Dirty BoySpecifically, on point #5, Topher notes that the account
tweeted that:

The entire @ElectPalin2012-@TopherMackenzie conversation may be viewed here. As you may also note, prior to this conversation, the @ElectPalin2012 account had been inactive for over four months, since September 7, 2011.


Trust No One

As we mentioned above, Jeromie appears to have cultivated quite a vast network of social media identities, many of them false, fake “sock puppet” accounts designed to deceive people for various reasons, but mainly to try to swindle money from honest people, or to threaten and harass anyone who dares to criticise his work, or question his sources.

Wikipedia, which has had an enormous problem with sock puppetry (fake accounts) among certain editors, notes that there are many varieties of “sock puppet”:

  • Standard Sock Puppets exist to create the illusion of more support for a particular position than actually exists.
  • Neutrality Sock Puppets are created to pose as a neutral commentator, when in fact they are there to advance one side of a dispute. Alternatively, the sock puppet can act as a partisan, to allow the original account to appear neutral by comparison.
  • Circumvention Sock Puppets exist to Circumvent Policies or Sanctions, or in this case, the criminal law.
    • Stephen Equality, Alisha Wicklund, Paula Neufeld and Shelly Comeon, all of whom sent threatening, obscene or harassing messages to Kim Johnston, her three sons, their schools, employers and/or business associates, and/or Topher Mackenzie (in addition to Jeromie himself, qua Jeromie). Most of these messages constitute intimidation, if not uttering threats or criminal harassment, which are illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada.
  • Trust-seeking Sock Puppets exist to develop a position of trust for the original person or account.
  • Strawman Sock Puppets argue one side of an issue in a deliberately irrational or offensive fashion, to sway opinion to another side.
  • Sleeper Sock Puppets are old, unused accounts, suddenly revived to take a position in a new dispute.
  • Piggybacking Sock Puppets refer to the use of another person’s account, with their consent, for the purposes of advancing your position in a dispute. This could include a friend, acquaintance, or relative.
  • Meatpuppets are actual friends, acquaintances or relatives, who have been persuaded to enter a dispute for the purpose of supporting one side.

We thank you for reading and urge you, should you ever have the misfortune of dealing with Jeromie Williams, to follow the advice of Deep Throat: Trust No One!

LGBT Website “The Gaily” Defends Editor’s Homophobic Slurs, Death Threats, and Stalking of Young Boys

We were disappointed today as Erika Jahn (@DearSimone), co-founder and executive editor of The Gaily, has churlishly dismissed our concerns about her contributing editor, Jeromie Williams. Despite the fact that we provided her with evidence that Mr. Williams has harassed, stalked and threatened Kim Johnston and her three young boys — one of whom is only 16 years oldusing homophobic slurs (such as “faggy”), and that Montreal police are now investigating, Ms. Jahn has deleted all links to this blog, as well as our simple question “Is Jeromie Williams still a writer for The Gaily?”, and blocked us from posting on The Gaily’s Facebook group.

Since Jeromie is still listed as a contributor on The Gaily’s site, we must assume that The Gaily is willing to tolerate:

  1. Homophobic Slurs against teenaged boys;
  2. Criminal Harassment and Death Threats against women and teenaged boys;
  3. Fake Stories about Fake Witnesses, Fake Sources, Fake Interviews, Fake Plea Bargains, Fake People etc.;
  4. ChipIn Scams; not to mention…
  5. Yet more outright lies.

Surely this is not consistent with “The New Gay Agenda”… Or is it?

You may notice that Jeromie is no longer employed at after we brought #3 above to their attention. However, when we informed Ms. Jahn about Jeromie’s recent disgusting (and criminal) behaviour (#1-#5), this was her response:

“Hey, We don’t like this post. Please remove it. You spamming of our page has been reported to Facebook and will continue to be as long as it continues.”

Kim Johnston was rightly outraged at this response, asking how Ms. Jahn could possibly be so cavalier in dismissing such serious complaints regarding one of her editors “threatening my sons lives and calling them FAGS. I believe it is an unacceptable term at any time — let alone by an editor of The Gaily. Miss Jahn — your emails about your dislike of my post should be going directly to Jeromie Williams who made the statements (in writing) along with a note saying YOU’RE FIRED.”

Interestingly, Topher Mackenzie noted that Ms. Jahn’s strategy, of dismissing this page as “spam,” appears to have been coordinated with Jeromie Williams himself. Jeromie, who was initially quite happy to link to this blog, has more recently condemned it as “spam” as well, as more of his behaviour has been exposed here.

What makes this all the more incredibly disappointing is that Ms. Jahn, who holds a theology degree from Harvard University in religion, ethics, politics/women, and gender and sexuality, and is also the president of an organisation dedicated to “combat homophobia,” must have some vague idea that it is unethical to harass, stalk and threaten young boys, and call them “faggy.” She must know that death threats and homophobic slurs do not advance the gay agenda. Or does she?

If you would like to ask her yourself, please be civil and direct your questions to her here or here, or e-mail her at, or tweet her at @DearSimone.

UPDATE: Cristina Marrero (, a “Queer as Folk” writer based in Pensacola, Florida, has responded to us by claiming that since she helped Jeromie once by designing the logo for his $20 “Hug a Gay Day” T-shirts, “[our] ‘evidence’ is probably photoshoped.”

Our resident logician Wray Smith is still slapping his forehead in horror and disbelief at this incredible display of illogic.

UPDATE 2 (March 13): The Gaily has disassociated itself from Jeromie Williams entirely.