Jeromie Williams Claims LinkedIn Conspiracy Stole His Job

The criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams recently claimed that “when in the middle of a job search I will come across a job posting, that the moment I see it I know that I’m going to get the job. In every one of those cases, that’s exactly what happened”:

On the other hand, he also confirmed that he basically never gets the job. Even though Jeromie knows “that these are jobs that [he] would do well at, and flourish at, and have delivered some of the best phone interviews of my life,” he still “received a rejection email within 24 hours in almost every case”:

His conclusion is that something is “fishy,” and in fact, he’s been “interviewing for jobs that don’t actually exist but are being posted to linkedin to drive some sort of hidden bottom line.”

That’s right! It’s a giant LinkedIn conspiracy!

But don’t worry, Jeromie says,

  • “I have caught a whiff of something and I won’t be able to let it go until I figure it out.” (Sort of like this.)
  • Something is rotten on the internet, and I am going to work it out sooner rather than later.” (He won’t have to look too far.)

Personally, we would suggest a simpler explanation… Maybe the folks on LinkedIn have heard of google.

We’re #1

Today one of our regular readers pointed out that when you google Jeromie Williams, this site is ranked first. In fact, it’s also ranked second.

The actual blog of Jeromie Williams shows up at #3.

She also noted that this site is ranked #1 in Google’s autocomplete predictions for “Jeromie Williams.”

In other words, when people type “Jeromie Williams” into Google, it’s apparently more likely that they’re looking for information about his frauds than they are about, well, him, or anything he’s ever written:

It’s okay though, I hear someone Jeromie knows quite well is an expert in search engine optimization, and is willing to offer training for the low, low price of $500.