Jeromie Williams Pays Debts Via “Penetration”

The criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams recently learned two “very important life lessons.”

First, he is required to pay his debts for food (and, presumably, drugs and alcohol as well) by “allowing the person to penetrate [him] in whatever [orifice] they see fit.”

Second, when Jeromie’s, er, creditors, are finished penetrating, er, collecting debts, and they tell him to “get the f*** out of [their] house,” it turns out that they really mean it!

Here’s the full post:

Jeromie Williams Reminds Facebook Friends That He’s Available for Booty Calls

If you’re looking for a male prostitute and find that a sex site has crashed, don’t worry!

Jeromie Williams would like to remind you that there are several other options to choose from:

Oh, and don’t forget to indicate your pants preference, post-haste!

Jeromie Williams Claims Life Saved by “Cannoli”

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams claimed that a “cannoli” saved his life.

Confused, we made a few inquiries with former friends and associates of Jeromie Williams, to see whether they might have some idea of what he was talking about here:

And subsequently we were reliably informed that “cannoli” is used as a sexual slang term and euphemism. While the precise meaning is not entirely clear, the Urban Dictionary provides a potential definition:

One of our associates suggests that the “life-saving” aspect is a reference to the proceeds of male prostitution, and in this case, apparently unprotected sex with client(s).

Whoever they are, they might want to get tested for STDs very soon.

Jeromie Williams Riddled with Chlamydia, Begging for Cash

Faced with increasing prices for crystal methamphetamine, and the troubles associated with prostituting himself out for cash, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams often begs for cash for a wide variety of causes.

He promises to help rescue animals, to stop the seal hunt, a hold a rally in Ottawa, to invest in artwork FOR THE CHILDREN, and even to invest in cancer-curing magic mushrooms.

Last August, Jeromie begged Heather Jay for money so that he could “get to work for two days.” (He promised to pay her back later but, of course, this never happened.)

Lately, it has come to our attention that Jeromie is also begging for cash to deal with his problems with venereal disease (presumably a result of his work as a male prostitute). Last September, it was an HIV/AIDS test, and in February, it was chlamydia:

Though testing and treatment is free, Jeromie complained he needs money to replace his lost and expired health card:

We understand the cost of replacement is approximately $20 (although this fee may be waived if the recipient is currently receiving financial assistance from the government, as Jeromie is).

Apparently Jeromie may also need money to buy an “I’m sorry you caught a VD” card for anyone he has already infected:


The full conversation is posted here.

Unfortunately Jeromie was able to convince one of his latest victims to send him $50 to deal with “chlamydia-gate”:

He apparently used it to go shopping for toilet paper and chocolate:

Jeromie Williams Implicated in Extortion, Cat Abuse, Running Bawdy House, Theft, Criminal Harassment, Etc.

On Sunday, we revealed that not only is the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams a crystal meth addict (which explains the premature greying shown at right), but he is a male prostitute, as well.

One of Jeromie’s former friends, Heather Jay, recently contacted us with yet another Jeromie Williams horror story.

It begins in 2008, when Jeromie befriended her on Facebook. They were both from Vancouver, and both moved east. (Heather, a massage therapist, enrolled in a message therapy program in Ottawa.)

She appreciated certain advice her offered on a personal matter, and over the next several years, he slowly gained her trust, only to abuse it in the most spectacular fashion, just as we have come to expect from Jeromie Williams.

Jeromie promised to perform social media work for her in exchange for almost $2,000, but, as usual, he never delivered.

Heather explains:

“I am a very loving and giving person. I help those that I can ( or did until now) and have been very generous to those I love and respect and my nature is very forgiving. To my own detriment it now seems. Jeromie certainly took advantage of this trait of mine and managed to collect nearly 2000$ out of me with promises to work my social media but every time I asked him to start he always gave me some excuse and never answered me back.”

This, of course, is typical for Jeromie, who took thousands of dollars meant for animal rescue, and very likely spent it on crystal meth. In turn, he used his crystal meth addiction as an excuse to explain his various disgusting behaviour at, but his excuses — everything from a bad breakup to a broken condom and an AIDS test — literally never end.

As Kim Johnston wrote, he is useless:

Jeromie regularly begged for more (as usual), but there came a point when Heather, a mother of four young boys, simply needed her money back, and Jeromie responded that he is “living off of raman noodles and potatoes right now.” He explained he was sorry he “slammed [her] into a corner” and felt “horrible that I can’t make good on what I owe you right now,” since he didn’t even have rent money yet for November:

Readers of this blog will recall that last November, Jeromie told Tiffany Willis he was having financial troubles because he had spent his rent money on crystal meth. Heather’s money, likewise, had probably gone to one drug dealer or another. The drugs, Jeromie explained, “weren’t a factor in me spending money on them instead of necessities. I simply partook with other people.” (In lieu of money, Jeromie apparently offered Heather a job at

Since it was obvious Jeromie was never going to either pay her back or perform the work he had promised, Heather reasoned, maybe she could get him to do something else. She was going away for three weeks over the holidays, and she needed someone to look after her cat. Also, having someone in the house might discourage (other) thieves.

Not to mention that Jeromie was perennially in trouble in Montreal (possibly for stealing and/or not paying for drugs), and repeatedly begged Heather to help him leave the city (“my life depends on me getting out of Montreal…“).

So, unfortunately, she asked Jeromie to housesit for her in Ottawa. Instead of giving him yet more cash (as he asked for), she paid for his VIA Rail ticket from Montreal, and bought him food for the three weeks he would be in Ottawa:

(For more on Jeromie’s “friends” in Ottawa, see #3 below.)

Jeromie neglected, starved and/or abused her cat.

Not surprisingly, Jeromie failed utterly at the one specific task Heather left for him: taking care of her two-year-old cat, Mau-Mau.

Before she left, she carefully labeled three cases of cat food, one for each week she would be away, and left detailed instructions for Jeromie.

When she returned home three weeks later, Mau-Mau was starving, and nearly all the cat food was left in the cupboard. Only four cans (from the first case) had been used. “My cat was so skinny when I arrived home and ate for almost 6 days constantly,” Heather explained, “I didn’t sleep for days.”

Even more troubling, Heather explains,

“She had a patch of fur that looked like it was ripped out and her eye looked wonky for nearly 3 weeks. She hid for nearly 2 weeks and would only come out to eat. She normally is at my side at all times, sleeping with me etc…since then, she had not been the same cat that I left in his care.”

For his part, Jeromie claimed that Mau-Mau ate all the food Heather had left, so he went out and bought more. (Presumably that was right after he finished building another hospital.)

Jeromie also claimed that Mau-Mau had “lost a few pounds” because she’s “getting more exercise“:

Precisely what kind of exercise we do not know, although one of our members has suggested that Jeromie may have thrown Mau-Mau in the air in an attempt to replicate images he has previously posted on his site, such as this:

As we have shown on this blog, while Jeromie masquerades as an animal rights activist, he actually has a long history of exploiting and defrauding animal rescuers. And now it appears that he may have actually abused, or at the very least neglected, Heather’s cat.

Our Canadian lawyer advises us that Jeromie may be guilty of cruelty to animals (causing unnecessary suffering), in violation of s. 445.1(1)(a) of the Canadian Criminal Code, which states that “Every one commits an offence who wilfully causes or, being the owner, wilfully permits to be caused unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or a bird.” Section 3 states that “For the purposes of proceedings under paragraph (1)(a), evidence that a person failed to exercise reasonable care or supervision of an animal or a bird thereby causing it pain, suffering or injury is, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, proof that the pain, suffering or injury was caused or was permitted to be caused wilfully, as the case may be.”

Jeromie turned her home into a bawdy house.

Jeromie’s ads, some of which we posted on Sunday, were for sexual services in Ms. Jay’s home last December and early January, without her knowledge or permission.

When she returned, she was shocked to find that “while he was house sitting for me at xmas [Jeromie] had gay sex EVERYWHERE in my home, sold HIS ass on craigslist out of MY fucking house…”

In fact, he even used her professional massage table to do so:

But there wasn’t anything professional about the services Jeromie actually offered:

It is illegal to keep a bawdy house in Canada. Punishment can include imprisonment for up to two years under section 210 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Jeromie “trashed” her house.

Heather explains:

“When I say my house was trashed, he didn’t make any physical damage per say, but what I came home to was this: open and used condoms under my bed, in my closet and my spare room. I’m talking a dozen or more USED condoms OMG yes! There were Empty booze bottles littered EVERYWHERE. My sheets were gone, several of them actually. They just up and disappeared they did. When i asked him, his response was, ‘I dunno, go look in the closet’. Well, I did and what I found was not my sheets but several towels and facecloths of mine with obvious semen and dark brown pubic hairs EVERYWHERE! I was mortified! I cleaned my home for 4 days before I could get the carpets cleaned, all the walls and everything washed, my entire home disinfected, I never did find my missing sheets!”


  • Spoiled and rotting food was everywhere. “It was fucking sick,” Heather explains. “My house stunk. HE stunk.”
  • Grease was all over her kitchen floor, cupboards, fridge, stove, and dishwasher. Heather says that “I’d never seen so much grease!”
  • Mysterious black streaks were all over her walls, which had to be repainted.
  • Mysterious red stains were on her carpets, which had to be cleaned.
  • Various filth covered the upholstery on her furniture as well, which had to be cleaned. “He would sneeze and it would just fly EVERYWHERE!” Heather concluded “His [hygiene] is deplorable! His manners non existent.”
  • Three weeks worth of flyers were “tossed haphazardly in the middle of [her] foyer/entrance,” not recycled as she had asked.

Also, she found that her garage was filled with “34 industrial drum sized garbage bags.” Though Heather had left a note about garbage days in Orleans, Jeromie had apparently never managed to take out the garbage.

Heather told Jeromie to leave, and he returned to Montreal by VIA Rail on January 5, 2014.

Unfortunately, her troubles with Jeromie Williams were only just beginning. Since she had confided in him for several years, he knew personal details about her life and her family that he would now use against her.

Jeromie tried to extort $50 (fifty dollars) from Heather.

Jeromie had finally offered to repay Heather $50 on New Year’s Eve, apparently whilst writing a long and bizarre email to a man he had assaulted.

Keep $50,” he said, “and have a beer on me.” A week later, he demanded the $50 back:

However, given what Heather had found in her home when she returned, and given the amount Jeromie still owed her, she was not inclined to give him anything.

In a classic bit of psychological projection, Jeromie then accused Heather of theft, and “making up excuses” to avoid paying. The opposite was, of course, the truth. (Jeromie also demanded that VIA Rail reimburse him for his train ticket.)

At this point, Heather reminded Jeromie that extortion is illegal, and she asked for an explanation of the craigslist and backpage ads that Jeromie had posted advertising sexual services in her home, and without her permission.

But in typical, disgusting fashion, Jeromie continued to threaten her. In particular:

  • He threatened to slander her throughout the media, as he has done so many times before. (If you want to hear audio of him making a similar threat to another woman, please click here.)
  • He threatened to report her residence as a bawdy house (which he had turned it into!) to Ottawa police, explicitly in order to harm her legitimate massage therapy business.
  • He threatened to cause trouble for her boyfriend and his family, by exposing private and personal information about their relationship.

Here is a typical e-mail:

The first sentence is yet another masterpiece of psychological projection. It was not Heather, of course, who set up any fake accounts…

Jeromie stole private pictures of Heather, and posted them online to slander her as a prostitute.

In January, we posted evidence that Jeromie had stolen an email archive from founder Tiffany Willis, violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the process.

He continued this behaviour in Ottawa, apparently, where he stole pictures off of Heather’s computer, and even one of her Facebook group accounts (now defunct, it was appropriately titled “The Douche Bag Chronicles”).

There, for all her friends to see, he slandered her as a prostitute:


Jeromie also contacted her friends, and suggested they look in the “hooker section” of Craigslist. There, of course, he had posted a series of ads using the stolen pictures. Heather contacted Craigslist immediately to get the ads taken down, but Jeromie’s “campaign” against her had only just begun.

Jeromie threatened Heather’s friends.

Not surprisingly, Heather’s friends did not appreciate messages from Jeromie slandering their friend.

When they objected to Jeromie’s behaviour, he harassed and threatened them, too:

In case anyone is curious what actual “death threats on the internet” look like, it’s probably something like this:

Or perhaps this (audio), this (audio), or this, or, well, you get the idea. Yet in Jeromie’s warped mind, his criminal behaviour is simply projected onto other people, like Colleen, or Tiffany Willis, or Kim Johnston, or the animal rescuers at Operation Sled Dogs, or, well, me. He has threatened all of us (and more) with jail (or worse), and/or inclusion in his police reports.

Here is a threat Jeromie sent my way after I exposed some of his frauds in January 2012:

Not surprisingly, the police are generally more interested in investigating Jeromie’s various criminal activities than in doing the bidding of a crystal meth addicted male prostitute criminal fraud artist who is desperately trying to silence his victims on the internet, lest he be exposed for what he actually is.

Jeromie harassed Heather’s boyfriend.

In the interests of privacy, we will not publish any details here.

This man and his family are yet more innocent victims of the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams.

Jeromie stole explicit pictures of Heather and sent them to her 15-year-old son.

Heather could not believe even Jeromie would do such a thing: “He sent my 15 year old son the link to this page and has traumatized him so much! My son had already ‘liked’ my page and so Jeromie was free to send him the link! My 15 year old son!”

Heather is despondent: “I’m totally distraught and devastated beyond belief.”

There’s not much more we can say about this, except perhaps this: To our knowledge, no one has ever been harmed by overestimating the utter depravity of Jeromie Williams.

Nor is this the first time that he has targeted children. He posted pictures of Kim Johnston’s 15-year-old son on his blog, and implied he might show up at his school. Jeromie also threatened him (and her, and her other two sons) with deportation to Australia:

During another recent Jeromie Williams harassment campaign (this time against Tiffany Willis), Jeromie also sent vile pictures to several employees of, which we suspect may include child pornography. Not surprisingly, Jeromie has gained something of a reputation as a danger to children.

But equally, he’s a danger to adults:

Jeromie likely spiked Heather’s drink in order to steal $300 from her in August 2012.

Before any of the events above happened, Heather met Jeromie in person for the first time in August 2012. She had recently moved to Ottawa from Vancouver, and she decided to take a trip out to Montreal. Needless to say, the trip did not go as planned.

Firstly, Heather witnessed Jeromie snorting various drugs, including cocaine and/or crystal meth (we are reliably informed that Jeromie abuses both).

Secondly, “Jeromie was acting very weird that night and kept insisting that I ‘drink up’ and I thought it was just to get the party started.” In hindsight, Heather suspects that his reasons were far more sinister, because of what happened next:

  • After only 15 minutes, “I all of a sudden felt so sick and heavy and weird and wobbly and disorientated beyond belief and I could barely move.” Also: “I started to feel fuzzy. Heavy and groggy and wanted to sleep right here. I hadn’t even finished my first drink. Jeromie was just sitting there smiling at me and I thought that was weird.”
  • Jeromie’s “personality became very aggressive shortly after and he even grabbed my arm roughly to push me over so a guy could use my chair…it was a total woman hating move for sure.”
  • The $300 she was carrying with her went missing sometime that night.

Afterwards, Jeromie “frantically” denied drugging her, and she ultimately decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, which, obviously, he never deserved.

We have been advised that Heather’s drink was likely spiked with a very large dose of a date rape drug such as GHB, or gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, which Jeromie would have easily been able to obtain from one of his cocaine or crystal meth dealers.

One of Heather’s friends, who was there that night, apparently suspected Jeromie immediately:

Jeromie later confessed to an addiction to crystal meth, just as he had done to Tiffany Willis:

But, of course, he denied he was on meth when she visited Montreal:

Sadly, “stop lying” is not something anyone can reasonably expect from a pathological liar like Jeromie Williams.

This criminal activity, in its entirety, has been reported to the Ottawa Police Service.

Heather, distraught over this whole ordeal, has ended her relationship with her boyfriend, and decided to transfer back into a massage therapy program in British Columbia.

Exposed: Jeromie Williams is a Male Prostitute

Last November, we reported that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams told Michelle Rempel, now Canada’s Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, that she looks “like a hooker.”

It was a disgusting, sexist and misogynistic attack, which was highlighted on national television, and roundly condemned all across the political spectrum.

Rempel, in particular, delivered a thoughtful and passionate response, condemning the influence of sexism in Canadian politics. It is worth listening to in full (scroll to the 6:00 mark in the video here).

For our part, Minister Rempel looks like one of the most successful and powerful women in Canada. Indeed, she was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in the “Future Leaders” category by the Women’s Executive Network for her “senior level work in directing a large team of professionals in the field of research and development administration.”

Her CV is impressive: she has worked as a managerial consultant in Calgary, served as Director of the University of Calgary’s Institutional Programs Division, and worked in the technology commercialization division of the University of Manitoba. She has also raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity, including the Children’s Wish Foundation and the Northern Hills Community Association.

She has a degree in economics from the University of Manitoba, and she’s both a sommelier and a classically trained pianist.

She does not “look like a hooker.”

Jeromie Williams, on the other hand, looks a lot like a hooker.

Because in fact, he is one:

That’s right, we are able to confirm that over the holidays, Jeromie Williams worked as a male prostitute in Ottawa.

The ad above, offering “clothing optional” massages (and soliciting “special requests”), was posted on December 17, 2013 (one wonders how many of his customers were “full figured”). For a larger version of his picture, please click here.

Here is the text-only version:

M4M Hot Body Massage From Montrealer in Ottawa With Table – 31

Fees are 50$ for 30 mins, $80 for 60 mins, and $120 for 90 mins.

I have a professional table, and two years of massage relaxation training.

Clothing optional, I have a laptop that I’m happy to put your choice of music on or any type of video you’d like, and you get a guaranteed unloading of stress. Special requests, discussed for a nominal fee as long as they are safe.

I am available in the Orleans – I am available for bookings by responding to this ad, or my text only at 450-[removed].

Poster’s age: 31

Location: Ottawa, Orleans

Post ID: 20129127 ottawa

Eleven days later, on December 28, Jeromie celebrated a Canadian Supreme Court decision to strike down the country’s anti-prostitution laws:

Pleased with the prospect of legalised prostitution, Jeromie continued to peddle his “services,” under the false name “Jay,” and with a false age (31):

Again, the text-only version:

Montreal Boy With Hot Hands For Men Visiting Ottawa With Table (Orleans)

Masculine 31 year old guy visiting Ottawa for three weeks, with an entire house to myself, and an entire room set up for the most amazing massage experience you’ve ever had. Men only.

Choose from either a hot oil, hot towel, or dry talc massage lasting from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, from a pair of hot hands trained in relaxation and creating mind bending experiences you won’t forget.

Massages are offered in attractive athletic attire, but other arrangements can be made for an additional tip.

I am 31, 5’11, 160, 32″ waist with a great outgoing personality, a great set of hands, and a vivid imagination. If you have special requests that can be discussed via text or email beforehand.

This is a limited time opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on – satisfaction guaranteed.

To book an appointment, send me a text at 450-[removed], or email me by replying to this ad.

Talk to you soon guys – Jay

Location: Orleans

Jeromie returned to Montreal in early January, and quickly shared his wisdom on a how-to video about making your own “edible lube” out of “organic coconut oil, honey, and assorted therapeutic grade essential oils”:

As the other comments point out, oil-based lubricants are not condom-safe.

Last September, Jeromie told Tiffany Willis that he had unprotected sex with
an HIV-infected man, and was going to get tested. Prospective clients should seriously consider asking Jeromie about the results of that test, considering the well-known links between crystal meth and HIV/AIDS, and also the fact he recently used a sock puppet account to tweetI have aids.”

If he does happen to infect you with HIV/AIDS, don’t worry, at least you don’t have a pithovirus! As Jeromie wrote in a recent article:

“What makes both the pithovirus and the pandoravirus so remarkable are the amount of genes found inside of them, with the pithovirus containing up to 500 genes, and the pandoravirus containing up to a whopping 2500. For comparison sake, the HIV virus contains only 12 genes in its make up.”

See? Not a big deal at all.

A special note to Jeromie: When you posted the above ads, you might have skipped over the fine print, which went something like this:

“Clicking ‘Continue’ confirms that craigslist is the exclusive licensee of this content, with the exclusive right to enforce copyrights against anyone copying, republishing, distributing or preparing derivative works without its consent.”

In other words, you gave up your rights to make DMCA takedown demands on this content.

Have a nice day!