Jeromie Williams Threatened to “Cut” “F***ing B****” and “Throw her to the Dogs”

As we have previously reported on this blog, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams has a long history of cheating in the Chase Community Giving contest to misdirect much-needed charity dollars away from legitimate groups, and towards the dubious “charities” run by his friends, including Ashley Owen Hill and Pippa Jackson.

The new site Animal Rescue Fraud of Mississippi reveals that he did this by smearing legitimate charities in the contest, such as Community Animal Rescue & Adoption (CARA):

“Elizabeth Pippa Jackson set about to willfully harm CARA in the Chase Community Giving Competition. She conspired with her associate Jerome Williams to pay for fake votes for CARA’s entry and then report those fake votes to Chase, framing CARA as cheaters and making fake stories for the media. This was all done not just to simply harm CARA’s chance of winning and increase her own chance, but to irreparably harm CARA’s reputation and cause them to lose supporters and donors.”

Jeromie also targeted United Sikhs in Service of America, a New York City-based and United Nations-affiliated charity that provides humanitarian relief in disadvantaged communities across the world. In keeping with his long history of anti-Asian bigotry, Jeromie conspired with Pippa Jackson to try to “knock out the Sikhs”:

A few months later, Pippa unfriended Jeromie on Facebook, apparently afraid that her association with him would be discovered, or simply tired of his incessant begging for money and plane tickets, or some combination of the two.

Jeromie’s reaction is typical:

  • He calls her a “f***ing b****”

  • He says he will “throw here [sic.] to the DOGS!” (an interesting thing to say for someone who has claimed to be involved in dog rescue charity work)

  • He makes other threats of violence: “I’MA COME DOWN TO [MISSISSIPPI] AND CUT HER!”

It is worth mentioning, once again, that due to Jeromie’s various frauds, an incredible amount of money has been misdirected away from legitimate animal charities, towards fake “charities” that do little or nothing to actually help animals.

Ashley Owen Hill, who won $100,000 after receiving thousands of suspicious votes, now appears to be simply paying herself that money, while Pippa’s facility has long been notorious for poor conditions, including inadequate roofing, water leaks, mud and feces in kennels, with dogs outside in freezing temperatures, no fresh water, minimal vetting being performed on the animals, unaltered dogs being kept together in the same pens with puppies resulting, and even dog fighting.

Revealed: Jeromie Williams Wreaked Havoc at Liberal America

As we have previously revealed, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams was fired in December by the Editor-in-Chief of, Tiffany Willis. As usual, he proceeded to slander and threaten her and others at

Not coincidentally, we are now able to reveal more details about why Jeromie, now an author for the group “Americans Against the Tea Party,” was fired in the first place.

In the words of Ms. Willis, from the beginning Jeromie came “into a peaceful organization and wreaked havoc.” In his own words, Jeromie was guilty of “displaying some very aggravating behaviour and fostering a negative climate which … had a detrimental impact on many people.”

He proceeded to do just that. For posterity, and for anyone who receives a job application from this man, here’s what Jeromie did:

He slandered and harassed other writers, particularly women.

Almost immediately after he sent the message above, Jeromie stirred up trouble by (once again) spreading lies and rumors about others, including Ms. Willis, behind their backs. As Ruth and Gary Namie write in The Bully-Free Workplace: Stop Jerks, Weasels, and Snakes From Killing Your Organization, “Two-headed snake-type bullies aim to control their targets by damaging reputations. Rumors are the tools [they] use to circulate false facts throughout the organization” (p. 105).

When he was informed that this is unacceptable, and his services would no longer be required, Jeromie responded by sending Ms. Willis and two of her senior (female) staff emails filled with vile and obscene “shock pornography,” some of which he downloaded from “the Web’s leading repository of crude filth – probably the most reliable source of tastelessness in the history of the Internet.”

  • One picture appears to show a naked underage Asian girl vomiting on another, who is completely covered in vomit. This disgusting and dehumanizing image is consistent with Jeromie’s history of anti-Asian bigotry, including the use and justification of racist epithets like “chink.”
  • Another, an animated gif, shows vaginal penetration by bananas, and though her face is not visible, it appears that the girl in the images could be under 18. If so, Jeromie has violated Canadian and American laws prohibiting the possession and distribution of child pornography.

This has been reported to all relevant authorities. (As we have noted previously, Jeromie Williams also maintains an active account on Stickam, which the New York Times has described as “icky”, and is notorious as a playground for internet predators and pedophiles. He has described himself, using a sock puppet account, as a “sexual deviant” and a “sexual predator” who is sexually aroused by “beautiful…little boys.”)

This disgusting behaviour is fully consistent with Jeromie’s history at In his own words, Jeromie often “allowed [himself] to treat [other writers] in a manner that wasn’t respectful,” and he is “in need of an attitude adjustment” (which obviously never happened). It reached the point where others had to constantly act as peacekeepers, and Ms. Willis had to spend four hours per day dealing with the problems he caused.

This follows a long pattern of criminal harassment in his previous positions, including workplace and sexual harassment against other Playboy and Gaily employees, cyberstalking, harassing and threatening Kim Johnston and her sons, harassing and threatening the animal rescuers at Operation Sled Dogs, and so on. And it follows a long pattern of sexist, misogynistic attacks on many women, like Ms. Johnston, who Jeromie has called a “saggy titted cunt” and “bitch,” and Calgary MP Michelle Rempel, who Jeromie compared to “hookers” and “Russian brides.”

He repeatedly broke the rules.

In fact, Jeromie even broke the rules he recommended himself, and “rigidly” enforced against other writers while he was the “Managing Editor” of the site. Ms. Willis pointed out this hypocrisy to Jeromie on September 13, 2013:

“[Y]ou seem to have different rules that apply to your own stuff. That’s messed up, don’t you think? … The rules, many of which you’ve pushed through and are quick to enforce, apply to you, too, Jeromie … You’re holding others to standards that you don’t hold yourself to.”

As the Namies write, one of the most commonly adopted tactics of the typical workplace bully is to “Make up his…own rules on the fly that even the bully did not follow” (p. 19). “Gatekeeper-type bullies are the prototypical ‘control freaks,'” they explain. “They care less about actual performance than taking sadistic delight in how much control they can exert over a target’s working conditions” (p. 105).

For example:

  • Jeromie insisted that, for SEO reasons, others at Liberal America must rewrite at least 75% of any posts they reused from another site. And yet, he reused posts from his own blog, verbatim, not bothering to change a single word, not even the headline.
  • Jeromie promoted his own blog in the first sentence of some of his Liberal America posts, when there was apparently an understanding that such self-promotion should be limited to the “bio” section at the end of the posts.
  • Similarly, Jeromie abused his Facebook privileges to promote his own blog, and in particular to promote himself (unsuccessfully) in the “Blogger Idol” competition.

Of course, breaking the rules is nothing new for Jeromie Williams. As the “Managing Editor” of Pet Pardons News, he also violated the rules of the organization by posting links to his personal ChipIn accounts using the official Facebook Pet Pardons application. He misused his access to the Pet Pardons twitter account to promote various penny auction site scams. He also repeatedly violated the polices and rules of Google News by using it to spread slanderous lies about others, including Operation Sled Dogs, and in some cases actually incited death threats.

He submitted shoddy work, or none at all.

In his own words, Jeromie was “remised [sic.] in the past in [his] duties.” As we noted above, he often reused posts from his personal blog, and sometimes did not even log in for several days at a time. When confronted, as usual, he made excuses to try to escape accountability: everything from a bad breakup to a broken condom and an AIDS test. This is typical for him:

As Ms. Willis explained to him,

“At ODF, you didn’t get the job done [#3 above]. At LA you got too big for your britches and thought you were above the rules [#2]. And you can’t get along with people [#1]. I’d prefer you not be in any position of authority for that reason. You seem very self-serving … admin rights and authority seem to take you to another place mentally, where you think you’re in control of things and people.”

Exactly. Which brings us to #4…

He agitated for greater admin authority incessantly, and abused the access he had.

As we noted above, Jeromie abused his Facebook privileges to promote his own blog, and in particular to promote himself (unsuccessfully) in the “Blogger Idol” competition on the main Liberal America Facebook page. When he lost his “manager” status on the page, he went on a series of egocentric rants about his hurt feelings. (“It hurts my feelings…I thought maybe it would be nice not to feel like the towel boy watching the rest of the team play together, and hoping the coach would ‘put me in’…”)

He later refused to accept a (richly deserved) demotion “from editor to writer,” despite #1, #2 and #3 above.

But perhaps most egregiously, according to Ms. Willis, Jeromie tricked her into providing access to her “editor” email account by promising to “work his magic” and “get LA indexed in Google News” (just as he had earlier done at Pet Pardons News, with disastrous results). But once he had the password, “He then proceeded to wipe out the entire email database.” Specifically, “he ended up clearing out my editor email account of all email history. Very unethical and probably illegal.” It is possible he also stole some or all of the email archive before deleting it, perhaps to share with his new employers at Americans Against the Tea Party.

From what we can tell, Ms. Willis gave Jeromie more chances than he deserved, and still tried to help him even after he had burned every last bridge at This, apparently, is how he repaid her. Plus slander and threats, of course.

Oh, and more sexism:

Incidentally, one wonders how theowners” of Americans Against the Tea Party (AATTP) would react if a member of the Tea Party spewed such virulent sexism. Or racism. Or death threats. Or stole thousands of dollars from progressive causes like animal rescue and welfare. As it turns out, their website offers a clue:

“The hatred, division, virulent, unpredictable anger, violent threats and posturing by the Tea-Baggers present a real danger … Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry…”

But apparently “hatred, division, virulent, unpredictable anger, violent threats and posturing … lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, and bigotry” are just fine when they come from AATTP’s own authors. They have ignored all of my emails concerning Jeromie Williams, beginning on December 14, 2013.

He lied about “co-founding” one of Ms. Willis’s sites.

Jeromie told many lies at, but in terms of sheer brazenness, it would be tough to match his claims that he “co founded” one of Ms. Willis’s sites, and that it is “his”:

Naturally, the actual founder of the site, Ms. Willis, did not appreciate this. While she is certainly correct that Jeromie is a pathological narcissist, he is also, quite clearly, a pathological liar (see this list for ten of the many hoaxes he has perpetrated).

This site offers some helpful advice to help spot pathological liars. For example,

Consider whether the person is lying to gain attention. Part of the reason the pathological liar feels compelled to lie is because he or she may feel as though being in the spotlight has eluded them. This person feels that he or she should be the center of everyone’s universe and will do what he or she can to make it happen. Upon tasting the spotlight, it becomes self-reinforcing and the lies grow bigger each time just to keep on being the center of attention. Here are some possibilities:

  • Sympathy attention. The pathological liar feels that his or her problems are paramount to what everyone else is experiencing. From a paper cut to being admonished by a boss or teacher, the pathological liar runs around telling his or her story to anyone and everyone, exaggerating the details to ridiculous proportions in order to gain sympathy from anyone within earshot.
  • Wants to feel important. The pathological liar is the king or queen of the “one upper.” Whatever accomplishment you’ve achieved, they done it better. This person always has to feel superior to you at all times, no matter if it’s in the professional or personal arena.
  • Feels bored. Unfortunately, because this person’s life is not rooted in reality, he or she may become easily bored if drama is not swirling around his or her head. As a result, lies may be fabricated in order to amuse or entertain this person, which unfortunately means that other people become involved and possibly hurt as a result.
  • Insecurity. Low self esteem is one of the biggest reasons why people become pathological liars. Whether they consciously recognize it or not, a pathological liar feels that he or she is not important enough as they are so they must make up accomplishments or events to position themselves as worthy.

And Jeromie has all the bases covered.

  • Sympathy? A horrible breakup (many times) and a broken condom and an AIDS test (many times). Check!
  • Wants to feel important? Not only did Jeromie co-found one of Ms. Willis’s sites, he has “travelled the world” to build hospitals for the poor, vaccinate them, and educate their doctors and nurses (yeah, he actually wrote that). Check!
  • Creates drama to relieve boredom? Check!
  • Making up accomplishments to position himself as worthy? This is a man who nominated himself for a Medal of Bravery via an online form and then included it on his CV, which also includes such gems as “Cooked cheeseburgers with Jack Layton” (Jack Layton served him a cheeseburger once) and “Survived being hit by lightning.” Check!

We will explore these issues further in upcoming posts.

Evan Solomon Quotes Jeromie Williams on CBC

On Thursday, November 7, Evan Solomon interviewed Calgary MP Michelle Rempel on CBC TV about sexism in Canadian politics. Incredibly, he quoted Jeromie Williams, who, in a recent trolling attack, said she looks “like a hooker” (scroll to the 6:00 mark in the video here):

Her response is thoughtful and passionate, and worth listening to in full.

Later, CBC reporter Susan Lunn asked Ms. Rempel a similar question in a scrum, only less politely. Which is amazing, frankly, when you think about it. As I pointed out on Twitter, CBC reporters are apparently now taking their cues from the misogynist and criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams. Not only are CBC reporters following his script, they are actually reading his tweets and displaying his twitter handle on television.

That’s incredible, considering (as I pointed out in a recent post) Jeromie has a long history of woman-hatred. He has stalked and harassed them, and stolen thousands of dollars from them. He pickets breast cancer research events. He has called women names, like “bitch” and “saggy titted cunt” (with “faggy” sons), and blogged about shutting them up with giant black penises. He has fantasized about killing them, and threatened to do so, again, and again.

(You can listen to his threatening voicemail and telephone rants for yourself.)

Not to mention that he has a long history of publishing egregiously ridiculous and sensational bullshit simply in order to generate hits and ad revenue, inciting many death threats all along the way (not to mention racism and xenophobia). As he has admitted, he’s a “hustler for pennies.”

In a recent scaremongering (and entirely discredited) post on radiation from Fukushima, for example, he warned that if “you live on the west coast of Canada or the United States, you’re pretty much already screwed” due to the radioactive isotopes, and you must “Wash your food with soap.” Seriously. This piece of garbage has been shared 67,000 times on Facebook, and now that total may even increase thanks to our public broadcaster.

Is this really the best the CBC can do?

Jeromie Williams: “It’s Okay to Call Elisa Chan a Chink”

I’m basically speechless, but, for the record, no, Jeromie Williams, it’s not okay to call anyone a “chink.” Ever.

As we have noted previously, Jeromie has a long history of posting xenophobic screeds against various other races, including Asians. His most Sinophobic posts fearmongered about poison dog food from China, while his many Nipponophobic posts have fearmongered about killer radiation from Japan, based on the Fukushima hoax.

Pet Pardons Incites More Hatred, Racism, Xenophobia, and Death Threats

Sahar BiniazIt is with sadness and regret that I must once again point out that Pet Pardons has incited hatred and death threats, this time against Iranian Canadian actress and Miss Universe Canada 2012, Sahar Biniaz (right).

Ms. Biniaz, who was attacked by a pit bull when she was 14, has apparently called for more strict regulations on pit bulls in British Columbia:

Miss Universe Canada has joined the fight for a pit bull ban in B.C., and plans to make the effort a major part of her reign.

Sahar Biniaz, 26, was crowned Miss Universe Canada on May 19, and thinks the provincial government should adopt either a pit bull ban or at least require that pit bulls must be leashed and muzzled at all times.

The Richmond resident was a victim of a pit bull attack herself at the age of 14, a year after her family adopted a five-month-old pit bull from a breeder.

The pit bull “came from a really nice environment,” she said, but “then I ended up getting 16 stitches.” Biniaz still bears the scars on her chest to this day.

“I was just sitting down and it just kept staring at me, and I don’t know what aggravated it,” she said. “It just all of sudden … went off.”

In a post on September 5, Pet Pardons called for Miss Universe Canada to rescind its award. Once again, however, many of those who commented went further.

Many called for her to be “banned,” “leashed” and “muzzled” as well, and most called her an “ugly” “bitch,” “whore,” “skank,” “douche bag,” or some combination of these insults. Some posted hateful comments about Canada (“F*CK CANADA”) and Islam (“F*CK ISLAM”), or told her to go back to India or Iran. Eva Betances expressed a desire to kill her in a “gass chamber” if she continues to express her opinion.

Here is a representative sample of the comments:

By my count, in just the last month, Pet Pardons has incited hatred and death threats against Fairfield County officials Mike Miller, Mike Kiger and Judy Shupe (based on a confirmed hoax), against Idaho hunter Dennis Brent Sawyer (based on a picture), and now Ms. Biniaz.

Again, this comes as no surprise, as Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, and Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News, has a well-documented history of stalking, harassment and death threats against women, children and their pet dogs, for which he is currently under investigation by American and Canadian police.

Jeromie Williams Posts Vicious Anti-American Screed

Jeromie WilliamsToday one of our associates, who will remain nameless, pointed out that Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, and Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News, has posted outrageous anti-American comments.

Back in January, I noted that Jeromie has posted derogatory comments about the Canadian province of Alberta, disparaging nearly four million Albertans as “rednecks.” His apparent misogyny has also been welldocumented here.

And now, on August 15, Jeromie smeared all Americans as racists, homophobes, and anti-Canadian:

Of course, it is not 1960.

Jeromie appears to have forgotten that Americans elected an African American as their president in 2008, and that he appointed an Hispanic Supreme Court justice. A rather odd thing for a nation of anti-black, anti-Hispanic bigots to do, isn’t it? Which is not to suggest that racism no longer exists, just that smearing all Americans in this way is unacceptable.

And with respect to Canadians and gays, or gay Canadians, I have to say I think Jeromie is confused. Americans don’t object to gays or Canadians per se, only the criminal ones, like Montrealers Rocco Luka Magnotta and Jeromie himself. No, they don’t want someone guilty of killing animals and people (Magnotta), or even of threatening to kill animals and people (Jeromie) in their country, let alone their backyard. But for the record I’m fairly certain this has nothing to do with either nationality or sexual orientation.

As we have noted many times, Jeromie has a long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police.

UPDATE (August 23, 2012): Well, perhaps Jeromie was right after all. His associate, Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email), has just written yet another disgusting post, this time utterly Sinophobic and xenophobic. Wulff acknowledges that while dog food imported from China helps to “feed the 78.2 million pet dogs in the U.S.” (nearly 100 million pounds are imported per year), there have been “2,000 reports of illnesses or deaths in U.S. dogs that ate jerky treats made in China.”

Inexplicably, based on this, Wulff claims that:

“To date, they have still not been able to pinpoint a specific toxin to blame, although a link between illness and ingestion of the treats has been proven.”

Either Wulff is simply ignorant of basic laws of statistics and logic, or she is knowingly and dishonestly conflating a correlative/temporal link with a causative link. As Wray Smith has explained, while there may indeed be evidence of the former, there is no evidence of the latter, and to infer otherwise is to commit the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy (“after this, therefore because of this”).

Nevertheless, Wulff quotes fringe Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, saying that he “would pull them all off the market.”

The comments show that if Wulff was trying to stir up public alarm and outrage against the Chinese, well, Mission Accomplished. Many ask why any imports from China are allowed. Tina Robershaw takes it a step further and asks why any imports from China are allowed, since “they have tryed [sic.] to kill us our children and our pets”:

Terie Vass illustrates the post hoc fallacy in her post. I am sorry her dog died, but the fact that it happened four days after eating a single Chinese treat does not prove that the dog died because of the treat, or that it came from an “obviously poisoned bag!”

The other complaints about imports of Chinese clothing give you some indication of what this is really all about: American dog treat manufacturers want to destroy any competition from China, and how better to do that than by spreading false stories about dangerous toxins in Chinese treats?

Pet Pardons, of course, is associated with the American dog treat manufacturer Rosie’s Barkery, which no doubt would benefit if Chinese treats were banned.

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.